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  • Parking on College Street, AB11

    Two Thumbs Up

  • Parking on College Street, AB11

    Very straightforward to park. Slightly odd that there's no indication of which spaces you can use - basically two whole levels, but just mixed with the normal pay and display users. Only less than half the pay and display price, and on the monthly rate it's about a third. It's quite a good location for most of Aberdeen centre; you can get to Union Square and Union Street and remain under cover.

  • Parking on College Street, AB11

    First class service; quick, easy, accessible, great value for money, right in centre of town, peace of mind. Loving the fact you can pre pay too. Now I have discovered college street car park I will be using it regularly!

  • Parking on College Street, AB11

    Parking here was easy to find. We arrived 07.30 on a Sunday morning however the link bridge between the car park and the station was closed. We therefore had to find an alternative route out of the car park and into the station, This was not that easy since the car park is on the other side of the railway line. 24 hour station parking should have 24 hour access between the station and the car park.

  • Parking on College Street, AB11

    No problem finding location and plenty of parking spaces available for my dates. Large warning signs stating a ticket must be displayed caused me some concern as you can only get a ticket by putting money in the ticket machine - I phoned the number on the machine and was informed that as I had prepaid it wasn't necessary to display a ticket. On return to the car there was a Parking Charge Notice warning stuck to the side window - phoning the same number elicited an apology after I supplied my registration number and an assurance there would be no further action and parking staff made aware of the error. Should this not be the case and I have to take further action this review will be amended to zero!

  • Parking on College Street, AB11

    This is the first thing me we have used this facility and it wont be the last. Very simple process from star to end and great value for money. It was very easy to find and good selection of places to park. Highly recommended

  • Parking on College Street, AB11

    I like this place. It' s very easy to use.

  • Parking on Loch Street, AB25

    Very central, quiet, easy to use and simple!

  • Parking on Spa St, AB25

    I arrived at the street where I was supposed to park. There were no available spaces, no information and no contact with landlord. Luckily found parking elsewhere in the city at a reasonable price.

  • Parking on College Street, AB11

    Very easy to organise and reassuring knowing ,if a little tight for time to catch train or bus ,that the space is there....also competitively priced with the “station”parking when may not get a space...pleased with this find!would recommend!