Latest Aberdeen Station parking reviews
  • Parking on Bon Accord Street, AB11

    Easy to find from instructions. No problems.

  • Parking on The Royal Mile, EH1

    Site very easy to use for booking. Parking simple and certainly saved money for such a central spot in Edinburgh. Well worth using.

  • Parking on Brandfield St, EH3

    Excellent parking space, nice and secure. Everyone very friendly. Would recommend.

  • Parking on The Royal Mile, EH1

    Very good ,no problems

  • Parking on The Royal Mile, EH1

    Directions to parking very clear and couldn't have been closer. Good value for money.

  • Parking on The Royal Mile, EH1

    It probably wasn't the busiest of days on the day we visited Edinburgh. (My wife's first ever visit and my first visit since 1971)! However, using "YourParkingSpace" on this occasion proved to be very successful anyway. The Radisson Blu's carpark appeared ultimately to have a lot of spare capacity throughout the day, as there were clearly a lot of spaces remaining both when we arrived and when we left. But booking-ahead - and paying a little more for the privilege - gave us peace-of-mind on the day. I generally steer well clear of multi-storey carparks because you hear of so many instances where car owners return to find their vehicles damaged. On this day I didn't even have my own car - it was a rental picked up from the airport. Despite this, I didn't want to have to explain any form of collision damage to the rental company! Luckily, I parked in an end bay and got "well over". We returned to find the car safe and sound. :-) I would give the Radisson's car park 3.5 stars out of 5 And YourParkingSpace in this instance 5 stars out of 5. Recommended.

  • Parking on Maritime Street, EH6

    Making the booking was fairly easy but finding the carpark space was slightly difficult - a street number on the building would have helped. Also, it would have been an assistance if I could have confirmed that my car was parked in the right space as there was no dedicated numbered area. I left the car hoping I was doing the right thing as it was a three day stay - a confirmation call or email would be an advantage. I would recommend YourParkingSpace bearing in mind that you are left on your own when parking the vehicle.

  • Parking on The Royal Mile, EH1

    Parking was very easy to locate. Found a space no problem. Exit I took led me straight up onto royal mile, coming out in front of hotel. Parking felt secure over the time I was there. I went into hotel next day to get my ticket validated and it was no problem at all. Would definitely recommend.

  • Parking on The Royal Mile, EH1

    Easy to find and with good accessibility. It was a very comfortable fit for my Vw Golf. Larger cars would be more awkward but certainly possible. There were no high curbs, super tight corners or narrow lanes. It is easy to get out of the car park and straight back onto the road home!

  • Parking on Lauriston St, EH3

    Absolutely Perfect. Booked day before. Simply turned up to secure gate, rang intercom and was let in. Same process to collect car. Very secure site surrounded by occupied property.