Banbury Train Station Parking

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  • Parking on Station Road, OX16

    I got very lost despite using the given postcode as it took me into the station drop-off zone where I knew I couldn’t park. I was told by a member of staff to drive across the bridge and go into the car park on the other side of the station, which is what I did. I checked again that I was in the right place and was told that as I’d paid £8 to park in a APCOA run carpark I WAS ok. I still don’t know if I parked in the correct place as I don’t know Banbury at all. It would be a help if maps of the car parks covered were online and all car parks could have signage showing which organisations payments are accepted. It certainly wasn’t a relaxing experience. Maybe next time it’ll be clearer and I’ll feel that I’m in the right place.

  • Parking on Station Road, OX16

    Good service. Got a bit confused as to which area was my space . A clearer map of location of allocated carpark would help

  • Parking on Station Road, OX16

    Excellent, will use again

  • Parking on Station Road, OX16

    Finding space was simple, however I did email company first to see if there was a height restriction barrier as I was traveling in transit van and was assured that there was no height restriction barrier in place, wasn’t very happy to find on arrival a 2m height barrier in place fortunately I just fitted underneath if I removed aerial ,

  • Parking on Station Road, OX16

    all very easy and convenient

  • Parking on Station Road, OX16

    I prebooked my car parking the night before. This was straight forward bu meant there was no morning stress worrying if I could park. It was easy to find, easy to park and I parked on level 2 so very easy to walk to train.

  • Parking on Station Road, OX16

    It wss a bit tricky finding a space as the car park was very full, the service was easy to use and efficient

  • Parking on Station Road, OX16

    Would definitely use this car park again. So convenient for the railway station and the pre-booking system worked perfectly. Brilliant!

  • Parking on Broome Way, OX16

    Darrell the space owner was very helpful indeed, nice and convenient for Banbury station. Will definitely use this parking space again when the need arises. Phil B.