Apex City Of Bath Hotel Parking

Latest Apex City of Bath Hotel parking reviews
  • Parking on York Place, BA1

    Plenty of spaces. Easy to find. Conveniently in a supermarket car park for any last minute needs!

  • Parking on Holiday Inn Express Bath (Pre-Book), BA2

    Really easy access to Bath, 10 minutes walk (if that) from the city centre - Shops, restaurants etc. Easy to find and would highly recommend. Will be using again in the future.

  • Parking on Hotel Indigo Bath, BA2

    Very good location, a few minutes walk to Roman Bath.

  • Parking on York Place, BA1

    I have just discovered this and I am so pleased I have, as I can now find a parking space near to where I work without it costing me a fortune. My only problem was I wanted to change the date of one of my pre-booked slots but was unable to even though it was 15 hours before it was due to be used. the result was I couldn`t change it or cancel it so the space was left unused on that day. That is a shame as someone else could have used it.. Having the ability to change/cancel the slot up to 12 hours before use might be a better option. otherwise I will certainly be using this every week.

  • Parking on York Place, BA1

    Fantastic parking at morrisons. I had an appt at a local photography company and was worried I would over run the free supermarket parking. Using 'your parking' was quick and easy. I arranged it in advance, 6.5hrs for £3.25 bargain price! Easy to find and lots of parking spaces to choose from. No rush and I had time to pop in for a few things from the shop whilst I was there! I will definitely use it again next time.

  • Parking on York Place, BA1

    Very easy to park and book parking space.

  • Parking on Holiday Inn Express Bath (Pre-Book), BA2

    The system in the Carpark wouldn’t allow me to book beyond midnight on the evening I checked in. Even though I wanted to book for an overnight stay. I had to book again in the morning via the app. Parking space was straightforward.

  • Parking on Co-op, Scala, BA2

    Very easy to find. Short walk 15 mins to centre of Bath at most. Plenty of spaces not too tight either. Will definitely be parking here again to visit relatives in oldfield park / bear flat area