Battersea Park Parking

Latest Battersea Park parking reviews
  • Parking on Turret Grove, SW4

    Very easy to find the parking space

  • Parking on Turret Grove, SW4

    Good space. Easy to find . Good communication. Well recommended. Thanks

  • Parking on Lambourn Road, SW4

    Perfect if you have a small car. I have a 2005 mini and anything bigger would stick out into the pavement.

  • Parking on Ebury Bridge Road

    I had booked my parking until 18:00 hours via this app, when I arrived and attempted to book my vehicle in I was informed in broken English that despite having booked until 18:00 hrs I would need to return and collect my vehicle at 17:30 as the staff wanted to be ready to walk out the door at 18:00. Somewhat reluctantly I pulled my vehicle into the forecourt of what was actually a hand car wash business, parked up, signed a receipt and handed the keys over. We were in London to watch the hit musical wicked for the Mrs birthday and couldn’t find anywhere else to park at short notice. Having been told we had to be back at 17:30 meant that we had to leave before the show finished so we missed the ending. Upon my return I found my car exactly where I’d parked it on the forecourt of the car wash as opposed to having been secured within a garage just waiting for someone to bump into it!!!??? I wouldn’t use the service here again and feel I’ve been fobbed off. The app shouldn’t have let me book until 18:00 if you can’t actually park for that amount of time. However all that aside we both enjoyed the show, it would have been great to actually see the end of it but I had to prioritise getting my car back! AVOID!!!!!!!

  • Parking on Turret Grove, SW4

    A bit hard to park. Not enough room to move around the car. All over good. Safe and quiet place.

  • Parking on Lambourn Road, SW4

    For a drive way in London it's pretty good but very tight for big cars which is what I have managed to park there only just but very tight but for what it is it's pretty good

  • Parking on Alfreda Court, SW11

    Good space. Easy to contact host to get permit.