Birmingham City University Parking

Latest Birmingham City University parking reviews
  • Parking on Normandy Rd, B20

    Easy to find space, great location to visit Villa Park, not over priced and car was safe when we returned. Overall, very satisfied.

  • Birmingham Aston Lane, Tesco, B6

    Only a few minutes walk from Aston Villa ground. Took about 15 minutes to get going

  • Parking on Melrose Road, B20

    Perfect for the match

  • Parking on Normandy Rd, B20

    Brilliant location, easy to find and the owner was really helpful. About 5-10 minute walk to the Villa turnstiles. Would definitely recommend!

  • Parking on Coombe Rd, B20

    The house we thought we had arranged to go to,the space,had already been taken! We were directed to the owners family home nearby. We hadn’t been advised that parking was “first come,first served” arrangement that we weren’t told about. We had done a “dummy run”and had spoken to the owner a few days before. Consequently, she didn’t really want to know and didn’t even come to the door! We managed to park eventually!

  • Parking on Trinity Road, B6

    Really safe place to park - very close to Villa ground. Found it easy to get back out on the road after the game. The house owners were very helpful and friendly too. Highly recommend. Will use again.

  • Parking on Albert Road, B6

    Doubt there's a better spot for a fast getaway after a football match if you're traveling South. Not even a 20 minute walk back, two unimpeded left-turns, three minutes at some traffic lights and straight onto the motorway. Park any closer and you're not going anywhere for a lot longer than that! Owner - we're glad we found you because our homework paid off! Thanks.

  • Parking on Trinity Road, B6

    The owner was very friendly, and allowed us to park earlier than our allocated time.

  • Birmingham Aston Lane, Tesco, B6

    Close to ground. Left just before 90mim and easy to get out. Would recommend