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Parking Garage Management During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The global coronavirus pandemic has meant that we are now living in strange times. Many of the everyday things that we used to take for granted are now more challenging and everyone is having to get used to living in this ‘new normal’.

Parking garage management is not an easy task in the middle of this crisis. Even in the midst of the national lockdown, parking garages needed to be kept open. They were essential for key workers to be able to get to work and do their job in keeping the country going.

As communities begin to cautiously re-open in most parts of the country, employees are beginning to return to work, families are heading off on days out, and shoppers are visiting town centres once more.

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A Look At The Future Of Parking

Currently parking takes up valuable spaces in our cities and rural areas, as well as providing a source of pollution, congestion and frustration. Everyone will be familiar with the stress of driving round and round seeking out a parking spot in a busy car park or on congested side streets. Searching for somewhere to park your car is not only tiresome, it is also bad for your health.

Drivers who are forced to circle around in their cars for extra time, looking for a parking space, are adding to pollution in the air. They are also adding to the congestion problems faced on many of our city streets. So, what might the future hold for parking?


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Why Every Car Park Should Offer A Cashless Payment Option

A recent AA survey found that pay-by-phone parking was not very popular among motorists. But this isn’t necessarily reflected in what motorists are actually doing. One cashless payment service alone has over 10.5 million registered users and is offered in 400 cities and towns throughout the UK.

The majority of car parks that offer a cashless payment option offer a traditional car park ticket machine as well, so that motorists have a choice of paying by cash at the machine or using the cashless payment option. There are many benefits to offering a cashless payment option and this article explains why every car park should offer one.


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Q&A With Emily Adenuga, 2019 Young Parking Professional Of The Year

Emily is the Commercial Account Executive at YourParkingSpace and is a leader amongst the team in her field of client and customer relationship building. With a hybrid role balancing customer service and management of penalty charge notices (PCN’s) at our commercial partner locations, Emily’s success at the British Parking Awards came with endorsements from industry giants ParkingEye, Horizon Parking and Komoto Group.

We sat down with Emily over a green tea after her Hollywood entrance into YourParkingSpace HQ as the reigning Young Parking Professional of the Year.

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