Mermaid Quay Parking

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  • Parking on Tyndall Street, CF10

    The owner responded quickly to my text message, giving us reassurance that everything was on track. We approached from a large roundabout, so had to stop to check where number 31 was on the stretch of houses off the dual carriageway: having the photo to hand would have helped but I forgot to print it/save it. The parking space is off road in front of the house. Reversing out of the space, it was helpful to have my passenger to assist. Despite being a main road, it wasn't too busy, just difficult to see clearly. It was a fab space for what we needed and enabled us to save a small fortune on hotel and city centre parking. We would use the space again.

  • Parking on Secure Carpark, CF10

    First time using the app and everything went as smooth as you possibly could imagine. Would definitely use again

  • Parking on Brigantine Place, Off Schooner Way, CF10

    easy to find, more than happy to leave our car here.

  • Parking on Brigantine Place, Off Schooner Way, CF10

    Good location, only a short distance to City Centre. Easy to find, no problems with coming and going as required.

  • Parking on Schooner Way, CF10

    Highly recommend, it was easy to find it, there is enough space to park a medium/large car, safe to leave the car there as it is an residential parking. I'll definitely use it again.

  • Parking on Dumballs Road, CF10

    Great parking space, short walk to city center

  • Parking on Schooner Way, CF10

    The space itself was absolutely fine and felt secure, however it took us over half an hour to find the actual space as the directions take you to the flat which is on the main road, not the street where the actual parking space is. I contacted the owner to ask where it was and left a message and they did get back to me but by that point I had already found it. If I was to go to Cardiff again I would use the space as I now know where it is.

  • Parking on East Moors Industrial Estate, CF24

    The hotel receptionist has't have no idea I was going to park there