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  • Parking on Banstead Rd, SM5

    The parking space I booked was very easy to find and only a ten minute walk to the station. The owner greeted us when we arrived. He was polite and courteous and very helpful when we asked for directions to the station. I own a mini SUV and it fit nicely into the spot, although I don't believe it would suit a larger vehicle. All in all, a very good experience.

  • Parking on Lower Road, SM1

    All worked really well. Easy to find. Thank you

  • Parking on Beeches House, SM5

    This was my first use of ‘your parking space’. The setting up of it and subsequent emails all worked very well. Google maps took me to exactly the correct place. However, when I drove in, I wondered for a brief moment if my space had been taken. A large suv type car was parked next to my space, taking up all of its allocated space both side to side and out in front. It is a good job I have a modest sized car and can reverse park and manoeuvre confidently. There certainly wasn’t much wiggle room as the building was immediately in front of the spaces. However, I did manage and it was a relief of to find I wasn’t trapped by a barrier or locked gate come my departure. I don’t think I saw any mention of a warning if one had a large vehicle? Otherwise, I was very happy with the experience.

  • Parking on Dale Court, SM6

    Very convenient for Hackbridge station or Beddington park. Easy to find with clear instructions. Good parking space.

  • Parking on Wrythe Lane, SM5

    Read the instructions before you set out. Easy to find once they’ve been read. Fantastic space for stress free parking when visiting the hospital

  • Parking on Carshalton Road, SM1

    Sufficient space to park any 4x4 car. The only problem with this place is the number of visitors coming in over the weekend can take over your Parking space and you should be in position to face this situation. Knock the party door, call the person who has parked in your place, tell him about your situation, then someone who is half drunken would come out and move his or her car out. This place is Definitely Not suitable for family driven cars.

    Basheer Ahmed
  • Parking on Manor Rd, SM6

    Perfectly as described, felt very secure and easy access to the local area - exactly what I needed.