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  • Parking on Rickmansworth MSCP, WD3

    I have used this site twice now. There is one flaw in the service that needs to be addressed. NO SPACE IS RESERVED. Yesterday I was lucky to have found the very last space in the car park I used. What if there had been none? Would I receive a refund? In that location, there is no alternative long-term car park so I could have been seriously delayed in my business journey.

  • Parking on Rickmansworth MSCP, WD3

    So there is absolutely NO guarantee that the space you have booked when you get there. Your are just competing with everyone else who is turning up to "pay and displa". I arrived at just after 9am - with three other cars entering almost immediately behind me - I got the last but two spaces. The last driver was out of luck. 30 seconds later there would have been no space for me when I arrived!

  • Parking on Rickmansworth MSCP, WD3

    Perfect Quick easy no faffing with change worrying about over hours etc Thoroughly recommend

  • Parking on Plantation Road, HP6

    My association with your parking space was very good the support etc, I was very happy with the parking space, no problems at all and I would certainly recommend your services.

  • Parking on Stanley Hill, HP7

    Poor directions (had to ring the owner) when I eventually found the house which was on a different road and the owner - who wouldn't let me park on her main drive and directed me onto a small parking space (which appeared to be outside the boundaries of the house) and I had to park next to an abandoned mouldy (literally) car. I couldn't park fully in the space as I wouldn't have been able to open the door properly. I was worried about its safety all the time I was away from it as it wasn't properly on someone's drive where it could be seen. I won't use again.