Latest Dewsbury parking reviews
  • Parking on Whitehall Road, LS1

    Good value but system didn't recognise I'd booked this time. Fine going in but then it wouldn't let me out and there's only one exit so I had to reverse out of the queue to contact owner. They sorted it out fine, just not ideal. I have used the location before and the automated system worked that time, so if your ticket doesn't say something like "yps pre-booked" then you might want to ring and check before you leave.

  • Parking on West Street, LS1

    Excellent access innand out of the city, easy to find, good value for money

  • Parking on Whitehall Road, LS1

    Very good - less than half what I usually pay for that car park and the barrier recognised my number plate so easy to use. My only gripe is that VAT receipts aren't automatically available, you have to request them but the service was fine

  • Parking on Royal Troon Drive , WF1

    Initially difficult to find- it my bad. I wasn't looking at right direction. Once found , Easy to park and safe !

  • Parking on Burley Road, LS3

    simple and easy to book, car park is in a good location with plenty of spaces

  • Parking on Whitehall Road, LS1

    Great spot but most times the barrier doesn't recognise the car on the way out and you have to call the help people. They're very helpful though, it just takes time.

  • Parking on Whitehall Road, LS1

    Loved it. Perfect price, no hassle

  • Parking on Ridings Shopping Centre, WF1

    My experience has been excellent. Any questions I had were always answered promptly and dealt with straight away. I had no problems at all and would recommend them to anyone.

  • Parking on Heath Rd, LS11

    So simple and easy, will definitely do again

  • Parking on Burley Road, LS3

    Great service and works well. Recommended thanks.