Calton Hill, Edinburgh Parking

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  • Parking on Simpson Loan, EH3

    Very confusing and unfortunately not an ideal experience. On arrival there were no obvious parking spaces available, there were numerous "reserved" spaces for what looked like service providers and commercial businesses. If it were not for the intervention and support/advice of the building services facilities manager who happened to be walking through the underground parking area i would not have been able to park safely, there were no available car parking spaces, the facilities manager had to improvise and make a space for us to park. I was very worried that I would be late or miss some of my son's graduation ceremony or that i would be ticketed and fined for using a "reserved" space- of which there were several. Essentially the anxieties that I and my group experienced could have been avoided if any space that i had booked was available or if there had been lear signage directing us to an available space.

  • Parking on Simpson Loan, EH3

    This was a good parking space. Easy to find and very secure. Exiting the car park was uncomplicated. Also much cheaper than just turning up..

  • Parking on Dublin Street Lane South, EH1

    Fantastic space right by our hotel and very close to the wedding venue would def book again and recommend. Brilliant and easy to follow instructions to find it thanks!

  • Parking on King's Stables Lane, EH1

    Fantastic location for Grassmarket and the surrounding areas. Easy to get to and very secure. Definitely recommended. Thanks.

  • Parking on Lower London Rd, EH7

    Parked here for a day to Holyrood Palace not to far away about 10m walk parking space was gr8 no problems at all owner was happy to help with info on Restaurants and information recommended.

  • Parking on Lower London Rd, EH7

    Great space, easy to find and in a quiet area

  • Parking on Simpson Loan, EH3

    So easy to organise - it is the first time I've booked a parking place but I will continue to do so because it is just so easy. The parking in Edinburgh was straight forward, easy to find and plenty of spaces. I would certainly recommend.

  • Parking on The Royal Mile, EH1

    Parking location great however, wouldn’t park owner radisson blu is terrible. I had parking booked from 10am to 8pm. Which I paid £15 for. I arrived at around 10.40am no big deal. When leaving the car park I didn’t make it back until 8.27pm. No big deal? well I was made to pay an extra £3.50 on top of my £15 because of my extra time. Therefore I ended up paying more than if I hadn’t of pre booked and just arrived to park with no booking.

  • Parking on Greenside Row, EH1

    Overall the parking was good, definitely would book again. The only issue was when validating the ticket it wouldn’t accept my barcode then ended up blocking my ticket so had to wait ages for someone to answer the intercom at the pay machine and then again when we were exiting the barrier as we had to wait on someone opening them for us. Was good value for money though. A lot more expensive if you pay on the day.

  • Parking on Simpson Loan, EH3

    First of all we thought the parking garage was quite difficult to find. It was clean and felt secure. Price is however quite high. Booking via internet went smoothly, all instructions were clear. The employee we met by chance at the gate when leaving, was very friendly and helpful.