Fountain Park Parking

Latest Fountain Park parking reviews
  • Parking on Clifton Terrace, EH12

    All very easy once you worked out that the parking isn't on Clifton Terrace!

  • Parking on Brandfield St, EH3

    U need to go to reception to get the dose to open the door , parking is underground, plenty of spaces to park

  • Parking on Osborne Terrace, EH12

    Easy to find and a sea of space, super handy!

  • Parking on Haymarket Hub Hotel, EH12

    Great location. Very safe & secure parking once you find it. Had to ask for directions at the Haymarket Hub Hotel because the car park is only accessible via a tiny access street behind the hotel, which looks like a private drive way & not a public entrance at all. Staff at the hotel were super friendly & helpful. With their assistance I eventually found this little gem of a car park.

  • Parking on Brandfield St, EH3

    No issues for us. We found the reception location easily as I had read previous reviews which said you had to find the office at number 11 to get the code. I’d also looked on google maps to see the entry way to the parking area. Instructions sound complicated at first, but are pretty easy. Buzz to get past the entry gate, use a code to get past the barrier then drive underground to find the marked parking spaces. Feels safe and secure. I’d use this parking again.

  • Parking on Brandfield St, EH3

    Friendly helpful staff who explain the process that sounds far more complicated than reality. Only let down by the amount of pigeon poo and although signage on each space is clear it wasn't explained where in the car park the designated spaces would be found, also some confusing signage related to other spaces that could be confused with the spaces you can park in. Overall good place though and would use it again

  • Parking on Clifton Terrace, EH12

    Easy to find. Handy for a visit to Edinburgh city centre

  • Parking on Young Street, EH2

    I had problems to identify the control to get walking access because they are two pads, you should let people know that the one that they should use Is the black one on the left hand

  • Parking on Haymarket Hub Hotel, EH12

    Easy to find and perfect location for our hotel stay would definitely recommend this parking

  • Parking on Hampton Terrace, EH12

    Nice easy parking, plenty of room and a short walk into Edinburgh xmas markets. thank you