Guildford Cathedral Parking

Latest Guildford Cathedral parking reviews
  • Parking on Springfield Road, GU1

    The parking space was good value, a good size and felt safe. The owner replied promptly and politely to my text requesting further information about where to find the space. However I’m not sure why this information wasn’t provided automatically during the booking process as the parking photo alone is a bit confusing (the actual space is not the one pictured).

  • Parking on Guildford Park Avenue, GU2

    Easy to find and loads of room for a medium size car.

  • Parking on Guildford Business Park Rd, GU2

    Easy to access, no reception announcement required. Very happy overall

  • Parking on Egerton Road, GU2

    Absolutely fantastic. It beats driving round the hospital car park for 45minutes worrying if you will meet your appointment. It is cheap too. We went over the top for hours but coming from Camberley you just don’t know what the road will be like so I booked 8 hours for £4. It’s £3 for 3 hours but, again you don’t know how long you will wait or how long your appointment will take. First appointment was for 2pm. We never got out until 5.45 after various tests and pre assessment. I highly recommend this and I hope patients for RSCH Guildford see this.

  • Parking on Guildford Park Avenue, GU2

    All great thanks. Would recommend. Nice and easy level walk to the railway station( 5-10 mins)

  • Parking on Guildford Business Park Rd, GU2

    Very good location knowing your vehicle is safe & Secure.

  • Parking on Egerton Road, GU2

    It’s a great place to park. Convenient for the hospital and the university. Easy to book with the app and good value. Easy to find a space and easy to find the location too. Clear signs from the roundabout. No need to go to reception, they get the booking sent direct.

  • Parking on Egerton Road, GU2

    Very easy to find space. Will use again