Latest West St Leonards Station parking reviews
  • Parking on Bristol Gate, BN2

    The space was very small - my car only just fit but still stuck out a bit onto the pavement and it's a small car. However it did the job and was in a convenient location.

  • Parking on Phoenix Rise, BN2

    This is a good space 20 minutes stroll from the beach. I left my Honda Civic in the space from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon with no problems. The space is off-road and cars are kept behind a gate. The gate posts didn't leave a lot of wiggle room either side of my car, but I had a friend with me in the car to guide me in and help me reverse out when the time came to leave. My car was probably the biggest that could fit through the gates. The host was friendly.

  • Parking on Bristol Gate, BN2

    Small space as described.managed to park Honda jazz ok.

  • Parking on Bristol Gate, BN2

    Very convenient for Brighton hospital. Just a few mins walk away. My Ford Fiesta fitted in the space with a small part overhanging pavement. Wouldn't recommend parking anything bigger than this in this space

  • Parking on Tilbury Way, BN2

    When i arrived another vehicle was already parked, and the space owner did not answer or return my phone call and did not answer when I knocked on the door of the house, meaning I had to park elsewhere for the weekend!! POOR POOR SERVICE, HOW DO I GET A REFUND?

  • Parking on Cowfold Road , BN2

    The space was fine but after checking on Google Maps and Apple Maps, it was 33 minutes (about 1.4 miles) walk from the Brighton Pier so we ended up not using it. Its certainly close to the race track and other amenities but for the seafront, its a hike.

  • Parking on Tilbury Way, BN2

    This is a small parking space. Large enough for a small car, but is difficult to prevent the parked car from encroaching on the turning circle (which is the public road immediately next to the parking space).

  • Parking on Manor Road, BN2

    Found it quite easily (Tom Tom helped). Walked to hotel (about 25 mins) but got a cab back as it was mostly uphill. Felt safer leaving it on someone's drive. Booking was easy and the response was friendly. Would use again.

  • Parking on Manor Road, BN2

    Brilliant space to work at the hospital, easy to find and easy to fit my car (it's quite big!)

  • Parking on The Drive, TN31

    Directions were reasonably clear, arrived on site but as we were the only car there thought it best to check i was in the right place. Tried to call the parking space owner on the supplied number but could not get through. In the end i left my contact details and details of who I parked through on a post-it note on the dash and hoped for the best. Access to the parking a little tight turning in from Shipyard Lane. All in all worked out fine, 5 minutes walk into town and no driving around looking for parking, would have liked to be able to confirm i was in the right place (perhaps a sign on the gate?)