Latest Hyde Park Corner parking reviews
  • Parking on Oxford Street West Car Park,

    Perfect for our needs

  • Parking on Bell Street, NW1

    The car parking bit was absolutely fine, but I could have done with better directions as to where in Bell Street the car park is situated. Simply saying that the entrance is right at the end of Bell Street near the junction with Edgware Road would suffice!

  • Parking on Bayswater Road, W2

    Very good value for London parking and easy to book.

  • Parking on Bell Street, NW1

    My previous booking worked well but this latest experience was not good. When I arrived late on Saturday the gate did not open and I had to press the telephone button and get the operator (a female voice). I was told that your system was having problems with rebooked customers. She raised the barrier and said I would have to call again to be let out on Sunday morning. On Sunday morning the barrier did not open and I again pressed the telephone button and at that same moment a helpful man appeared in person and asked if he could help. At the same time someone answered my call. This was good. Next I told both the telephone person and the helpful man that I had rebooked my space. After giving the details I was told there was nothing on your system to confirm this was true. I got the impression I was not believed ! ... (tone of voice & attitude on the speaker - seemed almost aggressive when he could not find my booking on your system and seemed on the point of asking to pay another fee ). At this point I said to the helpful man that I hoped I had a copy of my booking with me. Fortunately I had printed a copy of the confirmatory email you sent me in August and had it with me. The helpful man read the details to your telephone operator. The barrier was then raised. I was in a hurry and this delay caused by your system not working and then further delayed by your not being able to find my booking on your system made me angry.

  • Parking on Ebury Bridge Road,

    Great, as described.