Hiyacar vs Uber vs Zipcar: Car Hire And Transport Options In London

28th June 2019

Nowadays there are so many different ways to travel around London. But which is the best option for you? This is likely to vary from day to day depending on your travel needs. Check out our essential guide comparing Hiyacar, Uber and Zipcar to help you choose the most convenient and cost-effective transport and car hire option in London.


Hiyacar vs Uber vs Zipcar


Hiyacar: Car Hire In London And The UK


Need a car for a long journey or have multiple trips to do in a day? You may want to consider hiring a car in London. This gives you the freedom to travel as far as you need to and to stop off as often as you like, without any increase in price. Car rental is much more hassle-free than it used to be, with many companies offering car hire on demand and bookable via mobile apps. One such service is Hiyacar.

Hiyacar is a peer to peer car rental service. In simple terms, the service enables people who don’t own a car to rent one from someone who does, and people who do own a car have the opportunity to share their car with people who don’t own one. As well as earning an extra income from sharing their car, this option also means that there are less cars on the roads which will appeal to our environmental conscience.

As a member of Hiyacar, you can hire a car in London through their app which is available on iOs and Android. There are verification checks in place, which include scanning your driving licence and taking a selfie for facial recognition, but these only take around 90 seconds to complete. Once verified, you simply search for cars in the location near you, find a car you like, and make a booking. When it is time for your booking, you meet the owner of the car at the car’s location to pick up the keys.

The company also offers a service called Quickstart. This involves a Quickstart box being fitted in your car. This allows Hiyacar users to book and collect the car, even when the owner is not present, by using virtual keys. Owners set their own hire times and prices. The Quickstart service means that Hiyacar owners can earn more money by renting out their car more often.

According to Sepi Arani from Hiyacar, it’s crazy to see so many unused cars parked up on our streets and for traditional rental companies to still be putting even more brand new fleets on our roads - leading to less space, more pollution, and even more congestion in our already crowded cities. True peer-to-peer is the only solution that genuinely benefits everyone in the community - our owner partners, drivers and all those in the wider community.

Visit the Hiyacar website

Uber: Find A Driver In London


Uber was launched in July 2012 and has become increasingly popular. This is a fantastic choice if you are only making a short trip. As long as you manage to avoid the infamous London traffic, Uber trips are quick and affordable. If you don’t have a driving licence, or are unfamiliar with driving in London, Uber is the ultimate convenience as you simply book a journey and a driver will take you to your destination while you sit back and relax.

You can track Uber drivers in real time using the Uber app. This means that you can choose a driver who is nearby and can turn up to collect you within just a few minutes. You can also check out each driver’s reviews from their previous jobs.

A real advantage to Uber is that you can book and pay for your journey with just a smartphone and a payment card. No need to worry about carrying cash or searching for a taxi rank. Your Uber experience will be stress-free. With its excellent customer service, it’s no wonder Uber has gained a reputation for disrupting the taxi industry in many cities around the world.

Visit the Uber website

Zipcar: Car Sharing In London


Zipcar is a car sharing club, which gives you the freedom to hire a car when and where you need one. It is a very simple and convenient system to travel around London or the UK. There are around 3000 cars in Zipcar’s UK fleet and prices start from just £3 an hour. For those times when public transport just won’t do and you really need a car, Zipcar is there for you.

With Zipcar boasting the largest car sharing fleet in London, you can rent cars by the minute, hour or day. Choose from different levels of membership options when you sign up online. Basic membership is free, and prices rise to £15 per month for Plus membership. Once you’re a member, you just search for cars in your local area, select the one you’d like, turn up and drive away. Zipcar pays for fuel, insurance, Congestion Charge, and parking, so you have no worries about additional costs.

When you sign up for membership, your driving record is checked and your identity is verified, but this takes as little as two hours. Once approved, you can make bookings straight away using the Zipcar app. You use the app on your phone to get into the cars once you have made your booking. But Zipcar also sends you a handy Zipcard. This will allow you to access your booked cars even when your phone is not to hand.

Visit the Zipcar website 

Alternative Options 

As well as these three, there are a number of other options springing up. Drivy is the #1 peer to peer car rental service in Europe, enabling users to rent out their cars when not in use. For those looking to push the boat out, Jaguar Land Rover-backed THE OUT delivers a Range Rover or Land Rover to your door and collects it when you're done. They work within London Zones 1-5 plus Heathrow and Gatwick airports. DriveNow is another option. The one-way car-sharing service owned by BMW has over 20K vehicles world-wide. 



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