Kingswood Parking

Latest Kingswood parking reviews
  • Parking on Eugene Street, BS5

    Convenient location, very close to Cabot Circus car park. Easy walk to town. I would park there again as it's a good value for the money. There is only one thing to improve and that's to keep it clean of dead birds.

  • Parking on West Street, BS2

    Easy to find, easy access in and out, very close to the city centre, very good price. Definitely recommend and definitely will use again.

  • Parking on Eugene Street, BS5

    Nice and cheap and does the job...

  • Parking on Freeland Buildings, BS5

    Great parking space close to Eastville Park, which I used for Love Saves The Day festival. The owner responded to my texts very quickly with directions and other help requested.

  • Parking on Eugene Street, BS5

    Excellent parking space. There are no marked bays but theres spaces for at least 10 cars. It's easily accessible and fairly close to the centre. Highly recommended.

  • Parking on Union Road, BS2

    Great space in quiet residential area.

  • Parking on Eugene Street, BS5

    Easy to find. Good parking spaces. Very affordable. Definitely recommend if staying in Bristol.

  • Parking on Gas Lane, BS2

    The price of this spot is very good and it’s about a 7 - 10 mins walk from temple meads. Cons: Impossiable to find, i drove up gas lane about three times, not one car park looked like the one pictured. There are no signs at all to suggest that it’s a gmb Car park, I knew I was in the right place by pot luck of seeing a few parked vans around on the road. I tried to phone the number that was listed and i spoke to a lady that put me on hold for 10 mins, when she finially came back she didn’t have a clue who I was and just said the systems are down so nothing can be done. I was so fed up and Late by this point I drove into a patch of land, a lady was parking up and I asked her if She knew where gmb was, she was luckily parking to and said this was their land for prepaid parking. When leaving there were so many cars parked in there that the exit path was very narrow. I would use it again but I would suggest either visiting the area before hand so you know where you are going and for the company to put up a gmb parking sign So atleast people know where to go. Also as a lady I wouldn’t feel comfortable in the dark as it’s very off road and could be very intimidating

  • Parking on , Waterloo Rd, BS2

    This is an excellent way to get all day parking close to the city centre. Gemma, the owner, very helpful and I felt the car was safe. Will use again.

  • Parking on , Waterloo Rd, BS2

    great location, very secure and Gemma was very friendly and helpful. would defiantly use again! :)