The Sherlock Holmes Museum Parking

Latest The Sherlock Holmes Museum parking reviews
  • Garage on Gloucester Place, NW1

    The instructions were comprehensive and easy to follow. Good sized garage, big enough for a large car. Easy to drive in and out of. Great location just outside the congestion zone and near Baker Street and Marylebone Road. The door to the garage is a bit fiddly but not difficult to do and the caretaker was very helpful when I arrived. Will definitely use again.

  • Parking on Marylebone Road, NW1

    I looked it up v well and got the google man so i saw it. It was ok to find. It is absolutely next to the spar so go v slow. Be aware that to get out on foot out there is a green button and then you push the door, but it is stiff so be persistent. you leave driving at the side exit into that road. What is hard is all the one ways around there if you are trying to avoid the congestion charge. The gates just opened upon exit. There was no one there from the parking, just an office for car rental. Good space.

  • Parking on Marylebone Road, NW1

    Excellent location, easy to access from the Marylebone road. All automated based on number plate. Spaces big but the usual pillars to navigate. Some broken glass (on a Sunday so no-one yet cleaned up) but enough spaces could choose a different spot. Have used more than once.

  • Parking on Cavendish Square, W1G

    Unfortunately prepaid ticket didn’t work and was asked to pay again. The help desk at carpark were very helpful and exited without paying again. Carpark itself was very clean. Pedestrian entrance had unfortunate smell and needs cleaning but would recommend this parking space.

  • Parking on Clipstone Mews, W1W

    The postcode takes you straight to the car park. However the picture is outdated the car park is now named differently which threw me a little. Anyhow when entering the car park it was a bit deserted but it was fairly late. The bays are all numbered and was concerned that I had not been provided a bay number, turns out you can park in any. Car was exactly how I left it upon return. When exiting the barrier was not automatic had to call for help gave over my number plate and the barrier opened. All in all a pleasant experience and will use again if needed.

  • Parking on Engine Room, NW1

    Easy to find, good value parking, convenient for UCLH.

  • Parking on Engine Room, NW1

    It was extremely easy to find using the post code. There were a couple of spaces when in got there and were plenty wide enough for my 1 series. 20 minute walk to Oxford street. Perfect!

  • Parking on Clipstone Mews, W1W

    Used parking for appointment at UCLH and drove from J28 on M1. I've parking was easy to find with sat nav (waze) and the roads were pretty easy. The facility was easy when prepaid, barriers just opened ato let me to and on the way out - I didn't have to speak to anyone at any point. The spaced (and access down the ramp) were easily big enough for my 4x4 xtrail. Top marks!