Lovell Park Road Parking

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  • Parking on Merrion Centre, LS2

    Far better exit time compared to last December. From getting in the car to leaving the car park 25 mins which is less than half the time it took in December. Also, it was well staffed who controlled the flow. Many thanks.

  • Parking on Merrion Centre, LS2

    Having read the instructions on what to do on arrival for pre booking which said not to press the button that issues a ticket (otherwise the booking is cancelled), I drove up to the entrance barrier. I waited, expecting number plate recognition technology to raise the barrier. Nothing happened. With cars queing behind me, I eventually had to sound my horn to attract the attention of the person in the booth. Guess what? I was told to press the button for a ticket and explain that I had pre booked to whoever was manning the barrier on leaving. Hours later and anxious to set off home in poor weather,I walked into the car park via an open door that was meant to be shut and opened only by ticket (as a security measure). I drove up to the barrier. There was an unmanned, darkened booth with a notice in the window informing that staff were on patrol. I waited at the barrier, which has no intercom button to press to enable you to speak to someone. Traffic began to back up behind both exit barriers as another car was having the same delay as me. Eventually a voice did get in touch to ask for registration details. This was checked and I was told that this was ok and that the barrier would be opened for me. As I'd already paid I jolly well hoped to be released. This is meant to be a seamless entry and exit procedure but it was clumsy, slow and a little unnerving, particularly on exit.

  • Parking on Merrion Centre, LS2

    Perfect car park for shopping and first direct arena

  • Parking on , Elmwood Ln, LS2

    Brilliant company best parking company around. Goes above and beyond to help their customers. Would highly recommend

  • Parking on Merrion Centre, LS2

    Worked a treat - as usual.

  • Parking on Merrion Centre, LS2

    Brilliant service, so easy. Saves so much time hunting for a car park and was so close to venue. Will definitely use again!

  • Parking on Merrion Centre, LS2

    Booking this space through Yourparkingspace is definitely the way forward. I didn't have to talk to anyone and it is actually cheaper than booking it through the Citi Parking website. It is worth mentioning that without YourParkingspace managing the booking you will end up paying more, and if you need any help it is quite difficult when dealing with the parking providers direct. In terms of the parking itself - Not a problem, the spaces are reasonably sized, it's well lit with easy access to the shops etc. It's also really easy to drive into if you're coming in from the A58 Clay Pit lane way. Just take a left before the large council building.

  • Parking on Merrion Centre, LS2

    We were a bit confused to begin with, instructions on what to do before entering a big car park should be made clear as we didn't realise we had to book before entering so took us 20 minutes to get back out and a few phone calls to the car park. I would recommend using the app if you know what your doing first and book in advance. Saved us £10 an overnight parking in a busy city centre!