Newcastle University Parking Parking

Latest Newcastle University Parking parking reviews
  • Parking on Close Quayside, NE1

    Safe parking for your car, lots of spaces available. The hotel sort the ticket out for you so it was easy to manage.

  • Parking on Close Quayside, NE1

    Great place great service

  • Parking on Close Quayside, NE1

    Excellent parking loads of rroam and quick to get exit catd 20 mins walk to centre

  • Parking on Fenkle St, NE1

    Very central and reasonably priced. Address a bit misleading, find it under Indigo Hotel.

  • Parking on Fenkle St, NE1

    Finding actual turning for the car park itself took two or three passes when concentrating on both the sat nav and the driving (one way system and bus lanes dictating) and as the signage for the car park appears to change name from Fenkle St Parking to Hotel Indigo Parking (they are as it turns out one and the same). Hotel reception staff very helpful when I was concerned about arriving 20 minutes before my booking started, apparently it’s okay to amend the booking if this happens by extending your leave time by 30 minutes. The making of my booking was fairly straight forward although the calendar on my phone screen to book my leave date and time was a little awkward to manage (it appeared reluctant to drag into view my leave date to click on). The car park location is excellent for access and exploration of the city centre.

  • Parking on Fenkle St, NE1

    Dead easy bang in centre of town and safe

  • Parking on Dex Car Park, NE1

    Great prices and easy to use

  • Parking on Hamilton Place, NE4

    It was very easy to find the place ss parking is in owners house.I would definitely recommend this space to was In private parking and owner was very helpful and friendly.i was taking my son for interview at Newcastle university it about 20min walk from place i parked.thanks you.

  • Parking on City Road, NE1

    Good location for the quayside. Come and go as you please. Really easy to find.