Reigate Parking

Latest Reigate parking reviews
  • Parking on Holmesdale Road, RH2

    I'm grateful to have been able to park there. picked a bad day as when I came back to the car sombody had parked behind me blocking me in.. then in a few very tight turns as a van parked in the middle stopping me reversing properly so an absolute nightmare to get out. I'm sure on a different day all would have been fine.

  • Parking on Holmesdale Road, RH2

    Helpful host, plenty of spaces, extended at no extra charge, allowed to use pub loo on return.

  • Parking on Holmesdale Road, RH2

    Love this parking spot - great location and a bargain price!

  • Parking at Morrisons on Bell Street, RH2

    Parking here was so good and useful. Could go to work and then do the shopping on the way back to the car. Always plenty of spaces to park and no issues whatsoever. It’s a shame you cancelled it!

  • Parking at Morrisons Reigate, RH2

    Saturday morning always a bit bonkers in Morrisons car park so leave a few extra minutes to get into a space. It's not a lack of spaces, just the volume of traffic entering the car park.

  • Parking on Priory Drive, RH2

    Fantastic spot close to the town.

  • Parking at Morrisons Reigate, RH2

    so easy and price good too

  • Parking at Morrisons Reigate, RH2

    I had already parked at Morrisons and it got to near my 2 hr time limit so thought I would pay to extend as I was sitting in a cafe and hadn’t finished eating. As I was with another person who had also parked at Morrisons we went onto the app and extended our stay. I found this easy to do. My friend also did the same. When she paid, the confirmation she received showed parking at a different car park. For some reason the app has selected a different car park before payment. She messaged Customer service to try to amend this but they were very unhelpful. My friend who is 9 months pregnant then got very upset.