St Ives Station Parking

Latest St Ives Station parking reviews
  • Parking on Sainsbury's, Plymouth, PL1

    Easy to get to, plenty of space, very reasonable charges. I visited the car during the weekend and spoke to the car park attendant. He knew the car was there and for how long and was helpful.

  • Parking on Linden Ave, TR7

    Easy to find house, parked outside garage, felt it was safe. Phoned the owner when i arrived to confirm and they came out and showed me where to park. It is less than 15min walk to the travelodge

  • Parking on Thirlmere Gardens, PL6

    Was easy to find, had looked on Google Street view, so knew what I was looking for. Left car for 3 weeks, it was was still there and undamaged when I returned :)

  • Parking on Bahavella Drive, TR26

    Owner was very helpful - offered lift into St Ives which we didn't need because we travelled with friends and had another space closer to the apartment, but the offer was made. Able to come and go at any time - No problems whatsoever

  • Parking on Sainsbury's, Plymouth, PL1

    Easy to use and security staff were very good. I will be using this for a while as it is good and convenient.

  • Parking on St James' Rd, EX4

    Close to national express and mega bus pick up, easy to find, was confused where I could park, as on window was a sign, saying drivers please don’t park here, did not know if it meant me, if I had not printed off photo of place would not of known if I was in correct place, as nothing to tell me I was. Nice quiet area

  • Parking on Co-op, PL9

    Park here while we went to France on cycle tour. I was a bit worried about leaving the car there for a long period but it was fine. It is an co-op car park with lots of people coming and going so I park in the space right in the far corner to avoid any little mishaps , unfortunately that was under a tree so the local birds made a bit of mess of the car. So the car was fine after a wash, nothing bad happened to it but this is not a locked car park so if you want total peace of mind you may need to pay a bit more and look else where. Other than that it was all good for us.

  • Parking on Etonhurst Close, EX2

    Parked here for nearly a year and throughout the entire time the owner was super helpful! Great location next to the train station and owner was particularly kind and welcoming.

  • Parking on Burn View Car Park, EX23

    Easy to find as it’s a one way street. Large parking spaces. Competitively priced..