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Turnham Green Parking

Latest Turnham Green parking reviews
  • Parking on Hogarth Roundabout, Axis House, W4

    Although the barrier came up automatically, no-one responded when I buzzed at the barrier so I thought I better go to Reception to check in. There was no one on Reception - waited and then found a cleaner who went into the office. Eventually someone came out and said everything OK. Ended wasting about 20 minutes. Otherwise car park was good

  • Parking on Argyle Place, W6

    Very helpful directions, superb location, would use again

  • Parking on Upper Mall, Hammersmith, W6

    It was really easy to get to, and plenty of space to park. My only issue is that there are no marked parking bays and so I wasn't sure where was appropriate to park, e.g I had to park in front of an open gate but wasn't sure if I would be obstructing anything etc. Overall would definitely park here again, great price and easy to get to places from here, plus well lit and felt safe at night.

  • Parking on Ravensmede Way, W4

    Easy to find and a good clean sized space

  • Parking on Hogarth Roundabout, Axis House, W4

    Great price and Location, But on arrival I was instructed to undertake the following:- "Please approach the hotel car park entry barrier, press intercom identify yourself as a YPS customer giving name and vehicle registration". But on arrival the shutter just opened and no answer on the intercom...drove in and parked.....just a bit worrying(throughout the day) that not identifying myself, might not have been correct...and worried that the set instructions had not been carried out !!

  • Parking on King Street, W6

    Clean and safe. Will he using again

  • Parking on King Street, W6

    Great location and so easy for us as we were coming from Wales. There were no issues, we arrived parked and headed to the Ravenscourt Road tube station which is a two minute walk away and had a lovely day in London. Simple, easy process

  • Parking on Ravensmede Way, W4

    Less than 5 minutes from Stamford Brook station and just of the A4, this was a great place to leave the car for the day whilst I went to ExCel Conference Centre. I'll be using it again.