Latest University of Sussex parking reviews
  • Parking on Kings Road, BN1

    Great website for finding reasonable price parking in Brighton. The car park was OK, spaces were tight especially when lots of saloon and MPVs using up extra space. Good location.

  • Parking on Kings Road, BN1

    How easy was that....? I am so impressed, no fuss, no hassle. Arrived in Brighton to the streets closed off due to a football parade. Managed to get to our parking destination, parked up took the ticket and went on our way. Was worried with the extra few thousand people there would have been a problem. But our space in the car park was still there. Leaving was just as easy. Produced my ticket and receipt and left. Will definitely be using you again. Definitely recommend

  • Parking on Walsingham Road, BN3

    This is the first occasion I have used YourParkingSpace & I must say it's so easy & convenient to use. I was thrilled with the parking space I had booked as not only is it a great location for Brighton, Hove & the beaches, it was 3 doors way from the house of friends I was visiting! Set in a quiet residential street, the property provided good, safe parking for my car. The owners were also extremely helpful during my short visit to the area. Five stars out of five!

  • Parking on Wilbury Crescent , BN3

    easy process... I made a mistake with times and it was quickly resolved .. would use again thanks

  • Parking on Tilbury Way, BN2

    This is a small parking space. Large enough for a small car, but is difficult to prevent the parked car from encroaching on the turning circle (which is the public road immediately next to the parking space).

  • Parking on Kings Road, BN1

    Super competitive and easy parking! Def use again!! Long wait at hotel reception to get ticket approved but that didnt really matter tbh for that price

  • Parking on Kings Road, BN1

    Excellent value, especially for a location such as Brighton. This is the second time I haver used this particular location. Excellent bay sizes. Very easy and quick checking out process. Will definitely use again if I find myself in Brighton again and would recommend this space to all.

  • Parking on Kings Road, BN1

    Very easy to find and brilliant Location although spaces were a little on the small side ! I will be booking again very convenient

  • Parking on Kings Road, BN1

    Very handy space close to seafront, right next to The Grand Hotel, very competitively priced too. Only downside, quite dark car park felt a little insecure on my own.

  • Parking on Kings Road, BN1

    I thought that it was easy to follow the directions to the car park. parking was fine but I thought the spaces could be a little wider, but overall it was fine.