Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about how YourParkingSpace works then it should be answered below! Here are all the frequently asked questions… is the UK’s online parking marketplace.

We provide a platform for private individuals and commercial car park operators to rent out their unused parking facilities, driveways and garages.

Drivers are therefore able to find the widest selection of parking spaces and garages across the UK, from car parks owned by commercial operators to garages and driveways being rented out by homeowners.

It’s a win-win situation. Drivers looking for parking benefit through finding the widest range of spaces online, whilst those offering parking earn additional money from their previously empty or underused parking spaces and garages.

Don’t worry, just follow the forgotten password link and you’ll receive an email allowing you to reset your password.

The login page can be found here. If you have problems logging into your account please contact us on

If you would like to list your space, just use the sign up form to create an account and set up an advert for your parking space. If you are looking for parking there is no need to create an account, you can simply submit an enquiry for any space you are interested in.