Wigan Wallgate Railway Station Parking

Latest Wigan Wallgate Railway Station parking reviews
  • Parking on Wigan Extra, WN1

    This was an ideal and convenient parking space for me and had no trouble at all finding a parking bay, would definitely recommend it.

  • Parking on Harrogate Street, WN1

    Good app, easy to navigate and best of all cheap! I mean really cheap!

  • Parking on Wigan Extra, WN1

    l use here all the time because it's cheap and walkable to the train station. Easy to use app. will recommend!

  • Parking on Wigan Extra, WN1

    Excellent service great value for money. Easy to register.

  • Parking on Hyde Close, WN3

    Unfortunately this was a disaster. I arrived at the location, only to find the next door neighbour's orange camper van parked over some of the space I'd paid to use, making it impossible for my car to fit. Despite efforts, including contacting them via phone, I was unable to resolve the matter. As I write this 24 hours on, I'm still yet to receive a reply or an apology. I had to find alternative parking, so this was a waste of time and money. Avoid.

    Michael J
  • Parking on Hyde Close, WN3

    Very convenient, nice neighbour and no issues at all.

  • Parking on The Grand Arcade, WN1

    Car parking was great but email I received said I had to take a ticket at the barrier and get it validated before I leave. This was incorrect as the car park has no barrier and instructions on site said it was all done from number plates. The instructions on the emails you send should be more carefully checked. Other than that, a good experience

  • Parking on The Grand Arcade, WN1

    I use my satnav to go to places not normally visited. I put into the satnav Crompton Street Wigan but was taken to a house. On approaching the entry to Apcoa Grand Arcade car park I was instructed to take a ticket to raise the barrier, park in any empty space. To exit take the ticket to the parking office on Level 4 (near the exit barrier) to be validated then leave via the designated exit. On my arrival I was unable to see a barrier and was worried I was in in the wrong place and my later be charged. Speaking to my colleagues they all had the same experience. However if I had used the correct address and had not been looking for a barrier it would have been less stressful. Thank you