Latest Witham Station parking reviews
  • Parking on Tufnell Way, CO4

    A good safe space on the driveway of a townhouse, off the main road and reached via the parking area. Its a little tight to get into due to other cars parking but easily do-able. Its a little bit of a walk from the station but a pleasant one, the pathway taking you through the park and allotments.

  • Parking on Victoria Rd, CM1

    Space was fine but hard to find. It's at the back of a building whereas the postcode was for the front. There was no-one around to help me when I arrived and the owner didn't pick up his phone. So I had to guess from the dustbin where the space was! I have recommended you parking space before but would think twice now.

  • Parking on Victoria Rd, CM1

    Space was great. 2 minute walk from the Premier Inn where I was staying. It was tucked away, but I called the owner of the space and he told me exactly where it was. I would definitely use this again.

  • Parking on Victoria Rd, CM1

    If you are looking something very close to station(3-4 min walk) and book in advance for space assurance, this place is best. very easy to find (behind Vet kitchen) and owner is helpful.

  • Parking on Victoria Rd, CM1

    First time I've used the site - really easy and quick and the space was very close to where I wanted to be. Had contact details of space owner as well. Very good value. Will use again

  • Parking on Victoria Rd, CM1

    Once I had located the parking address, the owner was outside to direct me into the parking space. I was able to move my care during the day and the space was still vacant when I returned. I would definitely use this parking space again.

  • Parking on Victoria Rd, CM1

    I needed more information about the location than just the postcode. However, the owner was very helpful and the space was great - off road and just a few minutes from the centre of Chelmsford. Thanks!

  • Parking on Smythies Avenue, CO1

    Quiet road, easy to find. Didn't have any contact with the owner as it wasn't necessary. Short walk into the centre of town

  • Parking on Mortimer Gardens, Colchester, CO4

    Tight parking space for quiet a large car but suited us . The parking space commented it was only 0.2miles from Colchester Football stadium , but it was more like a mile. Apart from that no problem. Would use again.