Latest Worthing parking reviews
  • Parking on Waterloo Place, BN2

    near the centre, but the spaces were very narrow. You had to get the ticket you collected validated in the hotel, which was not good as u had to queue behind all the other people checking in, but on the whole it was easy to get to. and safe. But booking with my parking space was helpful and easy. Thankyou

  • Parking on Bristol Gate, BN2

    The space was very small - my car only just fit but still stuck out a bit onto the pavement and it's a small car. However it did the job and was in a convenient location.

  • Parking on Buckingham Road, BN1

    Excellent space for a small car (mine is a Mini) - secure spot and about a 5 minute walk to the station. Very easy to find. Only negative point (and nothing to do with the parking space) is that I scraped the bottom of my Mini on leaving the entrance of the car park due to a dip and then hump in the road, so drive out with caution. Recommend and very many thanks.

  • Parking on Goldstone Villas, BN3

    No complaints at all. Nice and close to the sea front and enough room for our VW Fox. Seemed like a nice, safe area.

  • Parking on Kings Road, BN1

    No problems . Drove to the Hilton Brighton and parked, a secure area. Returned to the reception presented my prepaid documentation given in return a car parking release card and out I drove. Cheaper than the Hotel tariff . So convenient especially not having to drive around the town looking for a space Will use the company again especially after their helpfulness Thank You

  • Parking on Surrey Street, BN1

    A perfect spot for a small car. Highly recommended.

  • Parking on Waterloo Place, BN2

    This is the first time that I have used this facility.The booking process and the information supplied was excellent and worked perfectly.Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a parking place in Brighton.

  • Parking on Waterloo Place, BN2

    Excellent parking and communications.Would recommend.

  • Parking on Phoenix Rise, BN2

    This is a good space 20 minutes stroll from the beach. I left my Honda Civic in the space from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon with no problems. The space is off-road and cars are kept behind a gate. The gate posts didn't leave a lot of wiggle room either side of my car, but I had a friend with me in the car to guide me in and help me reverse out when the time came to leave. My car was probably the biggest that could fit through the gates. The host was friendly.

  • Parking on b Preston Park Avenue, BN1

    A very tight parking space due to the fact that there was also a motorbike parked in it