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Peer-to-peer platforms and marketplace models have given consumers more access to choice and ultimate buying power. No longer are customers basing their loyalty on product or price, instead, they're making buying decisions based on the experience they receive. For an industry like parking that has remained the same for many years with very little innovation, asset owners are now needing to adapt and create better customer experiences or risk losing revenue to nearby parking providers keeping up with customer demands in this space.

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Your customer’s perception of how your company treats them is what defines the customer experience

‘Cowboy’, an undesirable term and long-held stigma ascribed to car park operators as a consequence of many years of ‘unreasonable’ enforcement practices. Private parking firms have come under fire for their heavy-handed approach, ticketing motorists for unfairly issued fines included cases where motorists paper tickets and permits have slipped off the dashboard. Around 95% of total revenue car park operators generate comes from paid Parking Charge Notices. In the UK and Ireland, there is a success rate of appeals of over 60% highlighting a significant problem with the decision-making process. Here, we start to understand why the industry has lost the trust of consumers and why existing operators are operating on a model that is incapable of delivering great customer experiences.
Your customer’s perception of how your company treats them is what defines the customer experience (CX). It influences buying decision, customer loyalty and ultimately your bottom line. 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience where 72% will go on to tell 6 or more people about the positive experience. Those that are treated poorly will never do business with you again leading to churn, with 13% telling 15 or more people about the unsatisfactory experience.

YourParkingSpace is approaching parking from a digital experience angle and generating unrivalled value for clients. The battlefield has a new location, and our car parks that prioritise the customer experience are disrupting the industry, standing out to motorists and winning consumer loyalty.
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