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Enhancing operations with comprehensive data analytics

Gather advanced analytic information to fuel the development of new products and services that can differentiate your business and increase your market value over competitors.
YourParkingSpace Data Analytics is the industry’s most powerful parking BI tool, providing access to rich customer and performance insights from car park data.
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Why Yps?

YourParkingSpace data analytics allows you to convert data from meaningful insights

Whilst many businesses have a basic understanding of the value of data, they may not know how to efficiently generate profitable value from the information. YourParkingSpace data analytics allows you to convert data from meaningful insights into actionable business decisions.

A typical car park in the UK will require approximately three different hardware providers in order to supply the access system, enforcement system and payment system on site.

With the parking industry in desperate need of innovation, existing suppliers have no choice but to produce static and offline products. This means that as a business you will need to allocate resources to extract separate data from each piece of hardware. In addition, you must analyse this raw data and produce a report based on individual understanding and manual forecasting. If you’re a business without a data specialist, this can be an extremely difficult and expensive task.


Derive meaningful insights and convert raw data into action

YourParkingSpace’s Smart Analytics Dashboard is a cloud-based platform that supports data discovery, analysis and reporting using comprehensive visualisation tools. AI powers the examination of your data in real-time to discover patterns, correlations, insights and trends to derive meaningful insights and convert raw data into action. Custom triggers can be created to automate actions based on specific business objectives, eliminating the need to have technical users in-house. Our predictive analytics system also transforms data into future insights, guiding you in areas of innovation and investment.

Existing technology can be integrated into our analytics platform to bring you a 360 degree view of your car park performance. We are currently integrated with the most hardware providers in the industry and have an open API for all new integrations, making the task quick and easy for all parties.

The benefits of partnering with us .
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The benefits of partnering with us.

Smart insights and trend reporting

Transform static and unorganised data from siloed sources into interactive and visual business intelligence. We implement leading technology into new and existing technology to collect your car park data in real-time for up-to-the-minute pattern discovery, smart insight and trend reporting.


Build better products and services, faster

Unlock new types of data to accelerate development and workflows within your business. Improve competitive advantage and drive new revenue growth at reduced costs to your business.


Customised marketing strategy

Understand your audience better and spend less time and money on content that doesn't serve your true customers.

Features of our Data Analytics Solution...

Real-time unified data

Securely consume your data from anywhere and on any device via the cloud. With integrations to over 30 industry providers, Analytics Dashboard collects, consolidates and analyses data before clearly presenting it on your dashboard.

Visual data exploration

Discover powerful insights faster through the visualisation of your data and reduce time and resources spent on finding usable and actionable insights.

Prescriptive analytics

Data-backed advanced analytics to optimise yield and maximise revenue.

Simple integration and set-up

We can get your data set-up and ready to view in just a couple of minutes from integration
Features of our Data Analytisc Solution ...
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Compatible with legacy technology

Security Camera on a pole
Compatible with
ANPR cameras
ANPR Camera
Compatible with
Self-enforcement systems
Compatible with
Barrier and shutter technology
Pinpad system
Compatible with
Pinpad and access card/ fob systems

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