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Enhancing customer acquisition through innovative parking solutions

Retain existing YourParkingSpace customers and create cross-sell opportunities to acquire new customers for your core product or service. We provide a tailored customer acquisition strategy using powerful geo-fencing technology to drive demand for your car park or foot traffic for your tenants.
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Why Yps?

Create opportunities to attract and meet the needs of customers you otherwise didn’t have access to

Marketing and monetising underutilised parking works seamlessly behind the scenes of your core business function. Our Pre-Book solution attracts an alternative audience to your premises, who are there to use your paid parking facilities and continue on with their journey. By providing our solutions to FTSE 100 businesses, we’ve learned that by creating added value for Pre-Book parking customers using commercial partners, we can expand a client’s addressable market.

Leveraging hyper-local marketing initiatives, YourParkingSpace creates opportunities for our clients to attract and meet the needs of customers that they otherwise didn’t have access to.

Our marketing team works alongside you to develop a powerful digital marketing strategy using geo-targeting technology to cross-sell your products or services and boost footfall. In turn, your business is able to generate sales with zero acquisition costs to you.

The benefits of partnering with us .
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The benefits of partnering with us.

Acquire new customers at zero cost

YourParkingSpace bears the cost of acquiring a customer to park in your car park. Where our Geo-Marketing product targets Pre-Book parking customers within close proximity to your premises, the cost to acquire the customer that then makes a purchase in store, is free to the client.


Boost overall revenue

Stimulating in-store sales from our Pre-Book audience can generate meaningful profits for your business. By segmenting our customer database, we can ensure your push notifications reach relevant consumers to achieve quick conversions.


Unparalleled ad visibility for your promotions

The simple nature of push notifications results in extremely high viewability, with CTRs as high as 3%. Unlike other ad formats, push notifications can be delivered straight to the customer’s device. Therefore, your offers and promotions are not in competition with other ad formats.


Build repeat customers and stronger loyalty

Using our digital and physical hybrid model, Pre-Book customers can purchase parking through our digital platform and then complete additional physical transactions in your brick and mortar store. This creates both a convenient parking and shopping experience for the customer, helping to promote repeat purchase and customer retention.


YourParkingSpace generated a staggering £438,773 in additional revenue for Tesco PLC in 2020

Case study | Tesco

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