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Generating revenue from parking requires a commercial model that incentivises maximising profit potential and supports omnichannel commerce to deliver great customer experiences.

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Why Yps?

Our business model generates asset owners revenue across traditional channels & new concept strategies

The parking industry has long been led by management companies with a commercial model that generates as much as 95-98% of their revenue from Parking Charge Notices (PCN’s). Whilst car park management is necessary for security purposes, this PCN-led model is designed to stop people from parking, including your customers that may overstay an initial authorised period. This downfall drastically limits possible revenue that could be generated from your parking assets as it fails to optimise yield, and is incapable of delivering a great customer experience on behalf of your brand.

YourParkingSpace’s business model generates asset owners revenue across traditional channels and new concept strategies. Where existing operators simply capture passing traffic, YourParkingSpace builds audiences across both
Our typical revenue share model strongly incentivises yield optimisation and the creation of memorable experiences at your facility to keep customers returning time and time again. We strive to represent your brand in a fair and ethical manner, building customer-centric technology that not only protects your car park in a way that does not jeopardise your brand reputation.

Whilst YourParkingSpace provides car park management solutions, we also have the capability to provide asset owners with our revenue generation strategy by working with their existing management providers. Our API-led connectivity enables omnichannel selling at sites with existing hardware and management provider commitments. Integrating and exposing valuable data dynamically from existing car park technology that is otherwise static and offline, puts asset owners in a competitive position to generate incremental revenue and win.

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