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With Park&Go, getting to your end destination has never been easier. Book your parking and schedule your Uber, all from the YourParkingSpace app.

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Enabling commuters to park their vehicles at any space on the YourParkingSpace platform, and seamlessly transfer to ride sharing to complete their journey into the city centre or other destinations with high traffic congestion or limited parking availability.

How it works!

Park&Go is a convenient and cost-effective alternative to driving directly into congested areas. Whether you're heading to the airport, a concert or sporting event, meeting, or simply exploring the city, you can save time, money, and stress associated with driving in busy urban environments by completing your journey with Park&Go (powered by Uber).

Simply select your perfect parking location through the YourParkingSpace app, and at checkout, add Park&Go to your booking to schedule an Uber ride.

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1 Choose YourParkingSpace

Download the app and find a suitable parking space. If you already have the app, make sure you have the updated version to see the new Park&Go option at checkout.

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2 Add Uber to your booking

During checkout, add Park&Go to set up your Uber journey. Your pick-up location and time will sync up with your parking, keep or change these details and add your drop-off location.

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3 Smooth Last-Mile Journey

Your Uber will be dispatched to meet you at your pick-up location to get you to your end destination. Add another Park&Go to your booking for your return journey!

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Add Park&Go to your booking in 5 easy steps

Search, Book, Park&Go powered by Uber.

  1. 1

    Add Park&Go to your booking

    Park&Go is a Space Extra that we offer which utilises Uber Reserve and requires your booking to be placed more than 2+ hours in advance. For bookings where it's available, simply add Park&Go at checkout to schedule your Uber ride.

    How to Add Park&Go to your booking - (Step 1)
  2. 2

    Set up your Uber journey

    We’ll populate your pick-up details with your chosen parking location and time (with an additional 5 minutes to give you time to park up, grab your things, and head over to the pick-up point). You can change these details if you need, and move on to add your drop-off location.

    How to Set up your Uber journey - (Step 2)
  3. 3

    Select a vehicle option

    Choose an Uber that suits your needs. From X to Exec and everything in between.

    How to Select a vehicle option - (Step 3)
  4. 4

    Complete your booking

    See a full summary of your parking along with the details of your Uber ride and complete your booking.

    How to Complete your booking - (Step 4)
  5. 5

    Add your return ride

    Log into your account and select “View more” next to your booking, then choose “Manage space extras” and go to Park&Go. Here you will be able to add your return trip. Reminder: Uber Reserve rides require 2+ hours notice, so you'll only be able to do this if your pick-up time is more than 2 hours in advance.

    How to Add your return ride - (Step 5)

Why choose Park&Go?

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  1. 01

    Uber-powered convenience

    With Park&Go, you can pre-book an Uber for your last-mile journey in one seamless transaction. Sync up your parking with your Uber journey for a smooth, reliable travel experience.

  2. 02

    Cost-effective alternative

    You can save with Park&Go when compared to driving directly into city centers. Pre-book parking options via YourParkingSpace are always guaranteed to be lower than drive-up prices, and you can avoid expenses such as fuel, tolls, and premium parking fees in urban areas.

  3. 03

    Save on time

    Reduce the hassle of navigating heavy traffic, searching for parking spaces and dealing with congestion delays. Instead, commuters can drive straight to their pre-booked parking location, hop out and hop into a relaxing Uber and comfortable last mile ride, leaving the driving to someone else. Step right out at your end destination, no circling for parking required.

  4. 04

    Access to limited (and no) parking areas

    In many urban centers and tourist destinations across the UK, parking space is either limited or not accessible at all. Park&Go provides easy access to areas with restricted parking availability, such as city centers, tourist attractions, and event venues through drop-off.


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  • Your booking falls within the 2-hour time limit window
  • Uber might not be available in your area. You can check the Uber's service areas here.
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