Greener Way to Travel

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our commitment

Our marketplace promotes efficient use of existing parking spaces as well as a more environmentally sustainable way of using our roads. We make road journey’s quicker and easier so that drivers are spending less time on the roads and more time enjoying their destination. Our partnership with local businesses and councils demonstrate how our technology is also helping towns and cities become safer, more efficient and more beautiful. When you’re in a YourParkingSpace, you’re in a good space.

Leaf Leaf

A greener way to travel

A platform to share unused parking spaces, we’re promoting efficient use of existing space as well as a more environmentally sustainable way of using our roads.

total hours saved

+75,000 hours saved looking for parking by finding a space through YourParkingSpace.

CO2 emissions saved

355t tons of CO2 emissions saved by booking a space and driving straight to the location.

trees planted to-date

54,000 trees planted to-date, offsetting the carbon generated by 4.8 million miles of driving.

You’re in a good space.

Quicker journeys

Booking a parking space in advance makes for a more seamless journey to the destination, reducing congestion on our roads from drivers circling the block searching for a parking space.

Fewer emissions

Shorter journeys means less CO2 emissions released from circling the block, searching for a space to park.

Cleaner air

We’re planting one tree for every monthly booking made to help offset the carbon generated by motorists.

Greener cities

Our platform features the largest database of EV charging stations allowing EV drivers to search and book an available charge point. We’re also using our network of commercial partners to develop and expand the UK’s EV infrastructure, helping to increase the pace of electric vehicle adoption in the UK.