Parking Your Way.

Our mission is to change the way the world parks

We plan to do this by creating more accessible parking through the digitalisation of parking assets.

Journeys become easier and we become more connected, the more accessible our parking options are. We’re building a digital parking network to move the UK more conveniently, more affordably, and more sustainably.

Our Vision

A world where parking is seamlessly integrated into our travels through the use of smart technology.


Our Story

How it all started

Our Story

How it all started


YourParkingSpace was born

YourParkingSpace was born from a ‘what if’ thought on a walk to the station in South West London. With driveways sitting empty and a congested city desperate for affordable parking, what if we could bring unused parking spaces to consumers and reduce the friction on road travel?


Harrison & Charles join forces

In 2014, Harrison Woods joined forces with Charles Cridland as co-founders of YourParkingSpace with the vision to build a two-sided marketplace where driver’s can search and book parking in advance or on-demand. The platform started with privately owned parking spaces such as driveways and garages


Digital transformation

By 2016 expanded to include commercial inventory with parking providers such as national hotel and supermarket chains, car park operators, landowners, local businesses, charities and schools across the country. What began as a marketplace for parking has evolved into a business that is digitally transforming the UK’s parking infrastructure.


Building car parks of the future

YourParkingSpace became a car park operator in 2019 after spending years working within an industry reluctant to embrace new technologies. With our mission in mind, YourParkingSpace became the UK’s most trusted car park operator. We’re building the car parks of the future, today, powered by ParkMaven technology.

Behind our technology is an incredible team who have a real passion for what we are creating at YourParkingSpace.
Harrison & Charles Founders
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