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About YourParkingSpace

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Our Vision

Headquartered in London’s Canary Wharf, YourParkingSpace is the UK’s most trusted online parking platform.

Starting from the simple belief that parking could – and should – be easier, YourParkingSpace has been striving to make parking better since its foundation in 2013.

Think of how you booked your last flight, rented a flat, booked a hotel, bought car insurance, or even found a date.

Businesses like Skyscanner, Rightmove, Booking.com, MoneySupermarket and Match.com all spring to mind. These online businesses have only been around for a few years. They’re relatively new and yet they’re brands you recognise.

Our aim is for YourParkingSpace to be the online business that springs to mind next time you want to park your car. The YourParkingSpace platform connects drivers with over 350,000 privately owned and commercially operated parking spaces across the UK, available to book hourly, daily, or monthly basis. Drivers can book parking on-demand through our website and mobile applications.

Key Statistics

– Clear market leader, parking over 12,000 cars every day

– Trusted brand with more 5-star reviews on the App Store and Trustpilot than any other parking business

– 35 full-time staff working out of our Canary Wharf Headquarters and York regional office

– Operational in all major towns and cities in the UK

– Over 1 million drivers in the UK

– Over 45,000 registered parking space owners

– Secured the services of Andrew Higginson in 2018, current Chairman of Morrison Supermarkets plc, as Non-Executive Chairman of YourParkingSpace.co.uk

Founder Story

YourParkingSpace was founded by Charles Cridland and Harrison Woods in 2013.

For some time, Charles had been paying close attention to the empty driveways on his daily walk to Kew Gardens Station, London, and the contrasting challenge of finding a space at the small station car park, with availability far from guaranteed and drivers forced to compete for spaces. Surely parking should be easier than this? Why not connect the drivers with the owners of the empty driveways nearby?

Meanwhile, Harrison had recently sold Primal Parking, an online parking service that secured a £60,000 investment from Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones on a 2012 episode of the popular UK TV show, Dragons’ Den.

Shortly after, the founders joined forces and YourParkingSpace was formed.   

What started as a driveway rental tool swiftly evolved into a platform for generating revenue from an array of off-street spaces, from spare land to underground parking spaces and off-street garages. Whilst private driveway owners were the original space providers, today they have been joined by an array of commercial businesses across the hospitality, property and retail sectors, along with car park operators.

B2B Platform

Following the rapid growth in commercial clients joining the platform, it became clear that a wider problem needed solving.

Generating income from vacant bays had a clear benefit, however to be able to fully capitalise on the value of their vacant inventory and drive direct revenue car park owners and operators needed a suite of technology solutions to provide accurate real-time data of their car parks.

Therefore, the B2B solution ParkMaven was formed in 2018.

With ParkMaven, the car park owner/operator is provided with a single login for all their car parks containing the data from the onsite enforcement solutions, access control systems, PMS/RMS and online marketing channels. With real-time information of occupancy, revenue and hardware status, management is empowered to make informed operational decisions for their car parks. In addition, ParkMaven clients are provided with their very own world-class booking engine to help them effectively market their car park and place their spaces in front of the largest online audience looking to search, book and park.