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Whether you legally HAVE to report accidentally denting someone else's car

18th March 2019

Almost one-in-five Brits said they would just drive away and not leave their details if they dented another car when parking, figures show. Accidents aren't illegal, but failing to stop could land you a huge fine - and even risk an arrest - if you're caught.

How to make money from your driveway

26th January 2019

The Independent looks into how renting driveways and empty spaces made more than £15m for their owners in 2018. 

Cambridge homeowners renting out their driveways to boost their income

21st May 2018

A look at how homeowners in Cambridge are generating £1,500 per year through renting out their driveways. 

How Tunbridge Wells residents are benefiting from soaring parking demand

9th June 2017

Royal Tunbridge Wells is being targeted as a ‘top priority’ for helping householders rent out their empty driveways to drivers.

The high cost of parking at the UK’s seaside resorts

24th May 2017

Research by YourParkingSpace revealed that drivers could be charged up to £24 more for a day’s parking, with savings up to 80% available by pre-booking available ahead of the bank holiday weekend. 

How driveways in Brighton are a lucrative money-earner for home owners

22nd May 2017

Driveways in Brighton are being rented out for more money than anywhere else outside of London.

Parking fines of £13.3m issued to hospital vehicles in 2016

20th January 2017

Freedom of Information requests by YourParkingSpace revealed that £13.3 million in parking fines were issued to hospital visitors last year, with just one in 10 of these tickets appealed despite the fact that two-thirds of appeals were successful.

Safety in car parks - one-third of people don't feel safe

25th October 2016

A national survey conducted by found that 38% of people had felt unsafe in a car park, with that figure rising to 51% amongst women drivers. 

Adding a driveway can add up to 10% to the price of your home

4th August 2016

Adding a driveway to your property gives a bigger boost to the price of your home than a new fitted kitchen, adding an extra bedroom, or building a conservatory.

How UK Local Authorities are missing out on £50m in revenue

11th July 2016

Research from YourParkingSpace has revealed that councils are missing out on £50 million in annual income through not marketing their available parking spaces effectively. 

British holidaymakers choosing driveway parking over airport car parks

29th June 2016

A growing number of British holidaymakers are shunning official airport car parks for the cheaper option of renting a private driveway close to the airport. 

How businesses and private individuals earned £2m in 2015 via YourParkingSpace

16th January 2016

How home owners and businesses profited from their unused parking spots in 2015, earning £2million using YourParkingSpace.