Manchester Piccadilly Parking

Latest Manchester Piccadilly parking reviews
  • Parking on Dale Street, M1

    Great central location. No issues entering or leaving the space, would definitely recommend if you need hassle free parking around Manchester Piccadilly.

  • Parking on Port Street, M1

    Very central - as advertised

  • Parking on Port Street, M1

    Easy to find. Number plate was scanned and a ticket was produced straight away. Safe car park and had no problems at all

  • Parking on Dale Street, M1

    As a motorist seen as a cash-cow to government, local government, parking and the parasitic clamping industry, needless to say I abhor paying for parking seeing as I already pay so much to run my car. However, the parking space price was fair, given it was during the middle of the day and I had a slight problem with exit which the friendly and helpful lady at the end of the button helped me with efficiently. The site is in a great, relatively central location, easy to find and equally as easy to get back on track from to either north or south Manchester. One star missing, as this is, like many other car parks, an ex bomb-site, and I got my shoes dirty.

  • Parking on Piccadilly, M1

    Superb location, well lit and such good value!

  • Parking on Tariff Street, M1

    Great central local, easy to find - I used Google satellite to check location. I think the post code takes you around the corner past the car park. The barriers didn't automatically recognised the car registration number - I didn't push for a ticket, I pushed the intercom button to speak to someone, and they issued me my ticket. Car Park nice and clean, and fairly new. On the way out I didn't get my ticket validated at the pay station (maybe I should have), I phoned though on the intercom again, and they raised the barrier to let me leave.

  • Parking on Piccadilly, M1

    Perfect! Easy to find and good value.

  • Parking on Dale Street, M1

    great service , good city centre price thx

  • Parking on Piccadilly, M1

    convenient central location

  • Parking on Dale Street, M1

    Very easy to find But I did have an issue getting in and out as my registration wasn’t picked up automatically. The help I received when I pressed the call button was great but it took several minutes for someone to answer. I parked here again the next day and had no issues at all, straight in and straight out