Afc Wimbledon Parking

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  • Parking on Kingston University ClayHill, KT5

    I've been asked by Your Parking Space to leave a review (not sure why!) on a parking space. If you're visiting a student or dropping off a student here then I guess this is fine. I can't see why else you would choose to park here otherwise as it's not near anything that you'd want to visit. Not a soul around to check on security or parking (due to COVID I'm guessing). No problems with parking here, but you DO HAVE TO book in advance or there is the potential of a fine.

  • Parking on Wolverton Avenue, KT2

    We are delighted that we found '' The owner of the place we used was exceptionally friendly and helpful and we made contact easily & quickly by email. The parking space was easy to find and straightforward. In our case, the removal of the worry and anxiety of finding a place to park close to the hospital in order to be sure to be on time for an important consultation was just wonderful. All good, thank you.

  • Parking on Kingston Hill, KT2

    Safe parking space that is secure so that no one else can use it. The owner is a nice man too.

  • Parking on Blenheim Gardens, KT2

    A bit expensive if you only need it for a couple of hours. For all day parking good value. Easy to find, no hassle.

  • Parking on Railway Station Yard, KT2

    Really great service, no hassle whatsoever, had the parking spot for 2 months and had no issue with it at all, really close to the station and hospital, definitely recommend

  • Parking on Railway Station Yard, KT2

    only used once so far but I have no complaints. the gate was open when I arrived so I didn't need the code. however I did use the code upon leaving as when I returned the gate was locked but everything was strait forward and simple . I would use again.

  • Parking on Chichester House, KT2

    Close to hospital and station, great parking space but would have liked the space longer term. It was cancelled with no explanation.

  • Parking on Kingston University ClayHill, KT5

    Completely satisfactory

  • Parking on Crescent Rd, KT2

    The space is easy to find and I would definitely recommend it. The location is convenient for Kingston Hospital and Norbiton Rail Station. When I was parking here I walked in and out of central Kingston each day, which took about 15-20 minutes each way.

  • Parking on Wolverton Avenue, KT2

    Easy to organise and the contact was very helpful.