DS E-Tense Performance revealed

Prototype displays electric development for DS Automobiles' forthcoming models

DS Automobiles has launched its E-Tense Performance prototype, a moving high-performance laboratory for its electric vehicle development.

Based strongly on the French brand’s championship-winning Formula E team,, the DS E-Tense Performance is built on a carbon monocoque, and uses twin electric motors to produce 800 kW (815 hp) and all-wheel drive. 

The powertrain - electric motor and battery - as well as the chassis showcase innovative solutions that are set to filter down to DS’ road-going models in future.

The drivetrain is lifted straight from the Formula E single-seater racer, and suspension set-up is also matched to allow for high levels of grip, even over bumpy urban race-tracks - or in road-going cases, poorly surfaced roads.

The twin motors see a 250 kW uni driving the front wheels and a 350 kW motor powering the rear axle. Regeneration capacity is 600 kW, meaning the brake energy recuperation system can maximise efficiency when slowing down. There is a conventional friction braking system for safety, but essentially the regeneration system is all that’s needed for braking.

Battery development has been carried out between DS and TotalEnergies and its subsidiary Saft. Because of the partnership, new chemical make-up and design of the cells have allowed for improved cooling.