Great Ways of Making Money with the Sharing Economy

Money makes the world go around, which is why it is made round, well that is how the saying goes, but before we can add our bit to keep the old earth turning, we need to make some. We have been looking at some simple ways which can help with family finances and we have a number here from which users benefitted by making money from the sharing economy. Why not look at some of them and see if you can make an extra ”bob” or two?

Love Driving? Consider Uber


Uber is one method that has proved to be a money earner, it is not difficult, and you will need a car of course! First thing is to sign up, from then on you can drive and make as much as you want, the more you drive, the more you could make and your fares get automatically deposited weekly. You are the boss, so you can set your own times to work.

Got Spare Rooms Gathering Dust? Try AirBnB


For as long as there have been homes and mankind became civilised, inn keepers and enterprising people have let out rooms for the weary traveller. Airbnb is a modern take on advertising in the local press, not so good today as the sale of printed news is in decline.

The first step is to become a host just fill out a description, take and upload photos, and pick a price, this listing helps guests get a sense of what your place is like. It does not have to just about renting out a room, guests can be offered other money earning experiences, one host takes guests out on a vintage motor bike and sidecar, others offer cooking or art classes, sailing lessons and much more.

Earn Money From Your Empty Parking Space with YourParkingSpace


 Another brilliant and easy way to make money, which is simplicity in itself and that is to rent out your driveway, front hard standing or any other area which belongs to you and is safe off the roadway, car parking.

Ask yourself these questions: Is there a lack of cheap car parks near your home? Are there simply not enough car parks for motorists to find parking in your area? Do you live in a town or city, near a train or tube station, or close to a stadium, airport, or concert venue? Are there residential parking restrictions in place on the street where your house is? 

Say yes to any there is cash waiting for you, with an abundance of drivers looking to rent a parking space. When you sign up you could be making anything from £40 to £450 per month. Motorists’ will be happy to use a secure parking space, and secure garages for rent are all in high demand.

Rent Out Your Car with HiyaCar


Ownership of cars in the UK now extends beyond the odd person in the street that was the norm in the 1950’s, today it is more likely that many homes have more than one car in the household, two or three is quite likely to be the case, which is one reason why finding parking spaces is becoming increasingly difficult.

Now as we all know, many families cars do not move out of their driveways or garages until the week’s toil is over and we “can go for a spin” perhaps to a nice overcrowded seaside resort, we are back to looking for a parking space again, perhaps! When the car is sitting doing nothing why not make money from your car? Rent out your car and earn weekly rates up to £650 whenever you're not using it just list it on HiyaCar and you will soon be on your way to some nice earnings.

Join a Car Club: Zipcar


Most of us will, at some time or another hired a car possibly when on holiday, or when ours was off road. Have you ever thought about renting out your car, it is not as difficult as it may seem, if you join in with Zipcar.

This is a car club so it means that when public transport is inconvenient for you, using a Zipcar for an hour, a day or a few days can save you both time and precious cash. Your membership not only gives you access to a great selection of cars and vans at low cost driving rates; it also brings you discounts from a fantastic range of specially selected, local leisure and lifestyle partners. 

Get Paid For Your Great Snaps with Shutterstock


Smartphones take the most amazing photographs, the world of Mr Kodak and his roll of film has long been surpassed in today’s digital world. Notwithstanding the high quality of the mobile ‘phone images that many of us post on the likes of Facebook, taking photographs with a high quality SLR digital camera is unsurpassed.

Why not make some money from these images through Shutterstock? They are global technology company, and have created the largest and most vibrant two-sided marketplace for creative professionals to license content, which includes images, videos and music, as well as innovative tools that power the creative process. Signing up is fast. Contributing is fun, and turning your creativity into cash, well, it just makes sense.

Many of us have all been to places, both here and abroad and benefitted from the knowledge of a guide that talked to us about things of interest, the place that we were in, historical facts, enjoying the thrill of introducing a new place or experience to someone for the first time.

Share Your Local Experience with Vayable


There are the very helpful guides at stately homes, they are full of information about the English Heritage, or National Trust site that they represent, they are of course normally volunteers.

There is another way though in which you can supplement your income or build a business doing the things you love. With you can share your knowledge, and it is flexible according to the time you can give to it. Their platform allows you to set your own schedule or confirm or decline reservations according to your availability and create single or repeating events.

Get Paid for Your Opinion with UserTesting


Surely there can be very few of us that do not like to express an opinion, but how about getting paid for letting the world of internet know what you think about ad, products, or websites? Not only has your day come, but you will get paid for telling it!

You will be paid a fee for completing a video, which normally lasts for only 20 minutes. This is provided by UserTesting who will pay you to visit websites or apps, complete a set of tasks, and speak your thoughts aloud. Sounds pretty good!

Share Your Art on Redbubble


You may have been to art school completed a degree course, or perhaps you may be simply talented in design and can wield a pen or brush with the dexterity that many of us would like to emulate! If this is the case why not cash in on your skills, it is something that can be done on a part time basis, so you can still maintain your present job. There is a demand for good design in items such as tee shirts, mobile ‘phone covers, stationery, bags, gift certificates and the like, all waiting for you at, just upload your design and they will do the rest. They print and distribute on whatever product is purchased, ship it out anywhere and pay the price less a commission.

List Yourself & Skillset with Bark


You may have been complimented on your skill when helping out a friend setting up a party and may have considered if you could use your expertise, but really do not know how to promote it beyond helping out your circle of friends.

Advertising in local papers is one way to go, but it can be expensive and may not always repay the cost involved. Choosing an online specialist can reap rewards and whilst major operators undoubtedly get results, the cost may not justify an operation which is small and localised. Registering with an organisation like may be just enough to keep you busy, as well as making some well-earned money.

When Bark receives a request, they will send this on to you and you can then decide if you wish to take this on by contacting Bark and either accepting or refusing. Bark sends out the requests without charge, but a charge is made if you accept the job.

Cut the Cost of Your Commute with BlaBlaCar


It had to happen, we are back to cars again, they seem to dominate our lives don’t they, but what would we do without them? The cost of travel can be expensive, but with carpooling cost can be kept to a minimum and you can earn some money as well as getting to your chosen destination. Using when you register just enter the date and time, pick-up and drop-off points, and your price per passenger and give specific pick-up and drop-off points, like a street or a station. Your passengers pay online and you will immediately get a phone number for them to arrange the final details.

For peace of mind, you can check out the details of your ride group anytime you log in to BlaBlaCar. When you have completed your journey, request that your money be transferred by simply entering the booking codes and request the money via the transfer method of your choice.

Use Some Free Time To Deliver Parcels with Yodel


You do not have to be a “white van man” to earn money delivering parcels and as we all must know, more people are buying their favourite things online. Yodel is a big online delivery company and they are looking for car owners and drivers to collect and deliver their parcels.

Whether you are a stay at home mum with some time on her hands, retired, or you could be looking for something full time, there is opportunity to deliver small parcels within your area. It’s easy, collect your parcels, already sorted, plan your route, and then deliver them in your local area.

Get Started Today

Making money does not have to involve hours of toil, although it can, the ideas which we have suggested are just a small “snapshot” of the many simple ways to add to your finances, or to possibly result in a full time occupation.

There are many millionaires that have begun their money making careers with a simple idea, which they thought might sell to a few people, you could be joining with them by offering your drive, or garage, who knows you could be on your way to being the next NCP entrepreneur.