UK’s Driveway Income Hotspots Revealed

Are you looking for ways you can make some extra money? One way you can do this without any effort is by renting out your parking space. You don’t have to do anything and it’s easy for anyone to do. The managing director of, Harrison Woods, points out that you can take advantage of an empty driveway that you aren’t using, meaning no expenses or hard work. In fact, he says that ‘homeowners are making significant sums from a previously overlooked asset right on their doorstep – their driveway’.

How much of an additional income can you make? Well, research shows that there is a lot of money to be made in big cities like London. You can make an annual income of £2,254.32 for doing absolutely nothing. You just list your driveway for free at and the world is your oyster. But it’s not just London where secure parking is sought. Cities such as Brighton, Bristol, Oxford and Leeds offer the opportunity to earn more than £1,600 during the year. You can get in on the action in Scotland too, with residents in Glasgow making £1536.21 a year from their empty parking spot. In Northern Ireland, you can make £1,351.26 in Belfast and Welsh residents can make £1,231.79 in Cardiff. There is money to be made all over the UK.

In particular, driveways, lock-up garages and other off-street parking spaces are in demand when they’re near popular local amenities. This includes train stations, sports stadiums, shopping malls, the airport and train stations. So, if you’re near the city centre and hotspots in town, you could make more money. There is nothing to lose but everything to gain.

While busy cities and tourist spots do make the most money, all is not lost. Even in smaller towns and cities, there is still the opportunity to make extra cash. For example, you can make £700 a year in places like Wigan, Sunderland, Barnsley and Kingston Upon Hull.

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