YourParkingSpace - changing the way the world parks

Back in 2014 YourParkingSpace set out to disrupt the market and build a compelling marketplace for drivers to search and pre-book parking at unconventional locations such as someone else’s driveway or garage. Over time, the brand has grown to include parking spaces from commercial providers through partnering with asset giants such as Whitbread Plc, Tesco and Hammerson's. Moving towards a parking operator status, the brand wasn’t communicating YourParkingSpace’s unique data-driven approach and onward ambition.


From the day I joined YourParkingSpace, there was a clear disconnect between the brand and the personality of the business. We had fallen victim to a generic tagline “Search, book, park” that served a literal purpose, though wasn’t inspiring on a holistic level. Although YourParkingSpace had a clear USP in the market, our too-close-for-comfort colour palette found our company easily mistaken for competitors, making it difficult to project our unique vision.

To elevate the brand we needed to understand what drives us as a company and why people connect with YourParkingSpace. So over the course of national lockdown 1.0, we immersed ourselves in the future of mobility, the digitalisation of parking infrastructure for towns and cities globally, and the fast-approaching demand for a contactless way of life.

YourParkingSpace - Poster Mocks

We found that the brand had to be one thing - simple. We also wanted it to reflect where we’re going, so it had to be bold.

Screenshot 2020-11-12 at 10.30.58

YourParkingSpace set out to recapture the universally identifiable parking P. By zoning in on the icon itself and building out the brand from there, we created a new identity that enables us to transcend language and be instantly recognisable globally. We call our icon P2 (P-squared).


Unlocking the link between parking and the carbon footprint of road travel was a key element we wanted to reflect in our new look. 

Harrison Woods, CEO, YourParkingSpace

Pre-booking parking saves thousands of miles of CO2 emissions each year by preventing motorists circling blocks searching for a space. YourParkingSpace is moving towards an environmentally conscious approach to the way we travel by road and fast becoming an advocate of greener journeys. Our revamped colour palette reflects our commitment and was inspired by the world around us.

colour exploration

On our re-brand journey, we found what makes us extraordinary. We’re changing the way the world parks. The launch of the new brand has been such a flex of what we’ve worked so hard to achieve, what we’re capable of and where we’re heading as a company. This is us, this is YourParkingSpace.

YourParkingSpace - Brand Launch Video (01:25) from FRID?Y DESIGN on Vimeo.