Oracle Shopping Centre Parking

Latest Oracle Shopping Centre parking reviews
  • Parking on Elliotts Way, RG4

    Easy to find just take the footpath down the side of the building and the walk to the station is about 10 min. Perfect.

  • Parking on Turnberry Court, RG1

    Good space. Not far from Royal Berks Hosp. Would recommend

  • Parking on St. Davids Hall, RG1

    All smooth but space number not confined in advert so needs making clear YPS EDIT: Thanks for this feedback, I can confirm that the bay number has been acquired and is now present within the Post-Booking Instructions. Many Thanks - Josh

  • Parking on Church Street, RG1

    Very straightforward parking. Gate so they can park in any bay. simple.

  • Parking on Church Street, RG1

    Quick easy booking. Easy to find. Tiniest spaces, very cosy on my medium car. Wouldn’t want to park anything bigger there

  • Parking on Cromwell Road, RG4

    The owner was very prompt and helpful. Was on holiday but responded with speed on whatsapp. The space is more than big enough for any car. The approach road is unmaintained though with some potholes and is quite narrow in some places so if you drive a car with not much ground clearance or a full sized sedan (like a 5 series) then you might struggle to get in or out to the space. For anything else, the space is perfect.

  • Parking on Kings Road, RG1

    Space was easy to find and owner got back to me straightaway when I had an enquiry

  • Parking on Western Elms Avenue, RG30

    Helpful owner