Reebok Stadium Parking

Latest Reebok Stadium parking reviews
  • Parking on Shaftesbury Ave, BL6

    Very good, neat area

  • Parking on Tiverton Drive, BB2

    When we arrived there was a car in the drive with the garage door open, after knocking and ringing I got no reply so opted to park on the road in front of the house to avoid blocking the car in I then went to my concert. We later received phone call from landlord asking us to retur as we couldn't park ther as we may get a ticket I explained that we could not come out and she did place a note on car when we arrived to collect our car I was surprised to see two other cars on drive and a couple could not get their vehicle off as some one was behind them it was badly organised I spent the night worrying in case I got a parking ticket instead of enjoying my concert would not use again .

  • Parking on Langho St, BB2

    Great Parking space for Blackburn Rovers match day

  • Parking on Tiverton Drive, BB2

    Highly recommend this space for games at Ewood Park.Host very freindly and helpful.Short walk down hill to ground.

  • Parking on Langho St, BB2

    Just the job but landlords communication is poor

  • Parking on Langho St, BB2

    Turned up to find 2 cars already parked on the drive with a space big enough for a bicycle left for me! Bloke had his car parked on the road which he moved to allow me to park there thankfully! But clearly not as advertised!! Perfect location for Ewood Park

  • Parking on Whitaker Dr, BB2

    Great idea and at a good price, too. A safe parking space in an Ideal location for me. Would have been 5 stars but for the fact it wasn't the right road. The post code was correct, but, It was given as Whitaker Drive, when in fact it was Royal Walk. I found this out as I had to contact owner as no house number was given. I can only think it was because it's a new housing estate. Royal Walk wasn't on my sat nav!!

  • Parking on Langho St, BB2

    Highly recommended. The parking was as described, easy to find, in a safe location, and only 5 mins walk to Ewood Park.

  • Parking on Whitaker Drive, BB2

    Great location both for Ewood Park and for town centre.