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  • Parking on Stratford International Car Park, E20

    I have used this car park twice and my views are mixed but honest. The first occasion was on a Saturday for football at the Olympic stadium, the traffic was quite heavy and getting into the car park was slow. Once in the car park it was very full, with a tight turn spiral ascent trying to find a space. Eventually when a parking space was found, it was of average size but we decided to vacate passengers before parking to make opening doors easier. The really big problem began after the football, with all the car owners returning to collect cars at the same time. Leaving the car park took 1 hour 25 mins. Exiting the park has no traffic control and you have to join the flow of a main orbital road which is jammed with traffic already moving. Not a nice experience especially if you have young children with you. My second visit to the car park was totally different, mid day on a Monday with average traffic flowing got straight in to the car park no problems, still very busy in the car park with spaces mostly full. Eventually found a space to park and used the lift from 4th floor to exit the building. When we returned and left it was easy and without drama, straight out and away because the road was clear. If you are considering using the car park, my advise would be to avoid it on an Olympic Park event day. But the choice is yours.

  • Parking on Stratford International Car Park, E20

    Couldn't be easier or cheaper! On leaving the car park turn left along the foot path to get to the DLR, International Station and Westfield shopping . You can access London Underground and Stratford BR station without crossing the bridge if it is cold or raining (especially good if returning late from a show on the Central Line).

  • Parking on Thorne Close, E11

    Space was easy to find and hassle free. Will definitely use again

  • Parking on Blondin Street, E3

    Excellent. Very convenient

  • Parking on Stratford International Car Park, E20

    Excellent easy and central . Easy to find .

  • Parking on Blondin Street, E3

    No problems and easy to find. Will use again

  • Parking on Rokeby St, E15

    East to find, god calue