Swiss Cottage Parking

Latest Swiss Cottage parking reviews
  • Parking on Clipstone Mews

    An absolutely perfect set up quick and simple, well always uses this place now .

  • Parking on Oxford Street West Car Park

    Dear Sir/Madam. The parking was easy to find both on the website and on the ground in London. So the overall experience was great, thanks. The space was reasonably priced as I booked in advance. Two suggestions: First, when I arrived I expected there to be instructions as to how to enter having pre-booked, perhaps by typing in my booking reference number. But there was nothing at all and so I pressed the Assistance Button. I needed to explain that I was in a different car and to ask how to enter the car park. Before this could be answered I had three cars queuing behind me and blowing horns, so I pressed for a ticket and entered the car park. I then had to go to the car park office to resolve the issue. Your staff member was very helpful indeed, but it did take a while to resolve. So please have better instructions for on-line space buyers to ease their arrival process. Second, I wanted to go out and come back into the car park, within the time I had bought online, but was told I could not re-enter once I had left. This seems unreasonable to me as I was still within my paid time. Please enable multi-entry and exits for online buyers who may need to come and go as they visit London. Many thanks. Andrew Farquhar.

  • Parking on Durweston Street

    Parking is safe and secure, would use again,

  • Parking on Clipstone Mews

    Good Place for parking i want to come again

  • Parking on Clipstone Mews

    Very good. Safe car park. Would come back again

  • Parking on Bell Street, NW1

    Follow the Blue P signs off the A40, easy to find. The spaces are a little narrow for larger 4x4’s but no issue. Great space, right next to Edgeware Road Underground. Easy in and out. Altogether a good spot.

  • Parking on Clipstone Mews

    Thank you very much for excellent service great location for theatres and west end Secure parking 5stars

  • Parking on Streatley Road, NW6

    Great space and easy to access however upon returning to my vehicle I was quizzed by a not so friendly traffic warden who wanted proof of a permit to park there. After a lot of negotiation a ticket was not issued however not a great experience. Might need to look into issuing a notice for vehicles who are renting the space to avoid this in future.

  • Parking on Torquay Street, W2

    Easy in and out. Gated space under Westway. Very convenient. Slightly ropey area with graffiti artists and skatepark but everyone seemed friendly.