Jewellery Quarter Station Parking

Latest Jewellery Quarter Station parking reviews
  • Parking on Graham Street, B1

    Very safe and secure parking! Great service would highly recommend. Max was very attentive and helpful. £40 cash deposit for fob was returned as promised! Will definitely be using again!

  • Parking on Birmingham (Brindley Place), B16

    I found a free bay every time. Good security, telecamera surveillance right next to the main entrance in the hotel. Overall satisfied.

  • Parking on British Allied Trades Federation, B18

    There is nothing to confirm you are at the correct place. A sign saying British Allied Federation Parking would be good.

  • Parking at Mailbox Car Park, B1

    Would recommend but our experience wasn't completely smooth, Very secure and good parking bays, spacious and lots of spaces but our bad experience was that we have a child in pushchair and the instructions for exiting the car park by foot are a bit miss leading and lead us to taking an elivator just to find the access barriered off then another elivator ride just to find out we were on the wrong level to then have to take the elivator back down, walk along the corridor of the building and then take another elivator just to have to go down two flights of steps at the end when there was a direct way out all along, if your parking here to go to the bullring or anything other then the mailbox just walk towards the cars main entrance, don't follow way out signs. If you buy a ticket on here which I do suggest, Just get a ticket from the barrier machine when you enter and when you leave go to the barrier and press the call button and tell them the I'd number on your booking.

  • Parking on Birmingham (Brindley Place), B16

    Would def use YourParkingSpace again. Parking was cheap and safe. Overall, very happy with the service.