Hilton Cardiff Parking

Latest Hilton Cardiff parking reviews
  • Parking on Verona House, CF10

    Really great parking space, easy access and would definitely use again!

  • Parking on Rawden Mews, CF11

    Cheap, convenient, my car was safe there during my staying in Cardiff. The owner was polite and friendly and you get to leave the car in front of his main door. Will park there again

  • Parking at Cardiff Seventh-Day Adventist Church, CF11

    Easy to find and easy to park and convenient for shopping and castle and stadium

  • Parking on Capitol Shopping Centre, CF10

    The only challenge we had was finding the entrance to he car park - lots of road works and we missed it first time around. We arrived late and the car park attendant was very helpful giving advice on how to exit and find hotel. Good value for money and would use 5he service again.

  • Parking on Verona House, CF10

    Perfect place to park for central Cardiff

  • Parking on Capitol Shopping Centre, CF10

    Smooth parking experience, nice and central. A bit tight in places.

  • The Angel Hotel, Castle Street, CF10

    The majority of problems I had in finding the hotel, were down to my lack of proper research. I spent a long time circling that area of Cardiff, trying to find it. I found Castle Street, almost immediately. A sod-off big castle on the road was a bit of a hint!! From there it went downhill, but again, mostly my fault. Lack of preparation. If you're ex-forces, you'll understand why I blame myself for failing to follow the 6 P's principle. Castle Street itself is festooned with signs telling you it's shut to traffic, except for buses and taxis. My first mistake was trying to obey those restrictions.... because nobody else was!! My second mistake was in not checking photographs of the actual hotel. I was looking for signage, which isn't easy when there are roadworks all over the damn place and you're negotiating an almost festive array of traffic lights!! In my confusion - and ironically - just as I found the hotel, I missed a red light. Oops!! To be honest, when you know what the hotel looks like, you can't miss it! 24 hours later, it's STILL imprinted on my mind's eye!! The car park itself is adequate. I have a Ford Mondeo and had no trouble fitting into the space. It's an area of rough ground, marked out with parking spaces. What more do you need? There are cameras watching the car park, so I assumed it was safe. When NCP car parks in the same area are charging £20+ for the day, this £6 parking space in the centre of Cardiff is a no-brainer. Just check that you know where the hotel is, opposite the castle - and that you know what it looks like!

  • Parking on Castle Street, CF10

    Great parking space near town centre. Just a little unsure that we were in the right place, I expected barriers , with camera for entry. Just cameras, so checked with hotel reception that we were in the right place, then all

  • Parking on North Church Street, CF10

    Clear and safe space. I hope the money goes to the church, I could see there was a women's refuge there, it would be great to think my money was going to help.