Grosvenor Hotel Chester Parking

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  • Parking on Queen Hotel, CH1

    When I first booked and looked at the photos of the parking and reading the reviews it looked and sounded a little confusing but once arrived there it is straight forward and very easy . There is two entrances one at the front of the Queen hotel where you drive through the old horse and carriage arch way and one at the rear of the hotel both are accessible 24hours . I arrived mid week and stayed for two nights and there was always plenty of spaces but this could change weekly and could depend on the time of year as this car park is also used for train travellers as it approx 3mins walk from the station . The car park is covered by cameras and the parking spaces seem fairly wide . Walking into the city centre takes approx 15mins as you have to cross a couple of main roads . If you turn up on the day and pay you will find that you will pay more than booking in advance approx £2.50 every 24hours . There are other 24hours parking sites down the road but not sure how secure they are and also there are slightly further away from the hotel , train station and the city centre but the price is approx £6.50 for 24hours . If you stay at the hotel when you check in just mention that you have parked in the car park and then either say you have paid in advance which they will know or register your car with the front desk and then pay on check out. Over all a very easy experience giving you the easy access to the city , train station , hotels and the sense of security . Would highly recommend this so a five star rating

  • Parking on Queen Hotel, CH1

    Fantastic car park a few steps up to reception, easy to find...recommended.

  • Parking on Queen Hotel, CH1

    Easy to find the car park and the space, relatively secure. No fuss booking and parking. I would use again.

  • Linenhall Car Park, Chester, CH1

    Needs the postcode to link to the car park and clearer signage. The postcode tried to take me to a different road and to the back of the car park where there was no access and then I drove past the entrance because the sign said market car park and the larger linen hall car park sign was surrounded by leaves. Due to all the roadworks and road closures and not having a clue where I was this was pretty stressful!!! Nevertheless we got there in the end and Chester was amazing. Shame we couldn’t stay longer!

  • Parking on Queen Hotel, CH1

    Great hassle free parking will defiantly be using this service again.

  • Parking on Queen Hotel, CH1

    Not directed very well

  • Parking on Queen Hotel, CH1

    So easy and a bargain

  • Parking on Queen Hotel, CH1

    Great location for getting into Chester. Not sure if there are cameras but there was one on a nearby building so parked in there. Not sure what it is like at night. There was a nearby open car park that offers 24 hour parking for £4.50 but not sure how safe it is.

  • Parking on Queen Hotel, CH1

    Excellent parking and availability at such a competitive price! Would definitely recommend and will certainly use whenever we are in Chester. That said, we were more than a little concerned, when we first entered the carpark, it was "not" the right name! Oh No!, and it was being monitored by CCTV!!! We felt that we could end up with a "ticket", because we were in the wrong carpark! We very quickly left and went to the Queen Hotel, where the reception confirmed it was the REAL CARPARP that we had reserved! Brilliant! After that, it was oh soooooooo easy to find a space, whenever we returned to park our car. It felt very, very safe and we never saw any issues at all. All in all, a very good experience. Colin McKay