Gatwick Airport Parking

Latest Gatwick Airport parking reviews
  • Parking on Annexe Amersham, RH10

    I arrived at the parking after a long 3 hours on the M25. At around 9 30 am. I was anxious as i needed to be at the airport by 10 am. I rang the bell to see if i could be assisted with a local taxi, but no answer. I tried to google local firms but there was no mobile phone signal! I kept trying to get a signal, but nothing i knocked on the door again no answer. In desperation i went to the house next door, where the lovely neighbour tried his mobile to call me a taxi, still no signal. He used his house phone, I waited outside in the country road for the taxi, the owner of the parking space came out, he had been asleep. I explained i had no phone signal and that his kind neighbor had called me a cab. The cost of the taxi to Gatwick was £11. On returning in the evening it was very dark and difficult to find the house. We passed it in the taxi twice. The cost of an airport taxi back to parking space £15. In retrospect i feel i would have been better off flying from Heathrow or parking at Gatwick as it cost £26 in total to get to and from this location to Gatwick. And the lack of phone signal after the M25 fiasco was very stressful. As was the lack of attention from the owner of the parking.

  • Parking on The Crescent, RH6

    Parking is convenient & near to the North terminal, was a little perplexing to find due to how the houses are numbered, odd numbers one side even the other but not opposite each other but there are number 3’s on the outside of the parking space to help you. I would definitely use again. Used the taxi service Road runners for the transfer to & from the space & they were great.

  • Parking on The Crescent, RH6

    I have parked here twice now and it is just perfect. Very close proximity to Gatwick Airport, which can be walked though on my last trip I had very early and very late flights so we got a taxi which cost around £8. They are happy for you to keep your keys so make the whole process very efficient.

  • Parking on First Choice House, RH10

    A very disappointing experience, unreliable. Booked and paid for the spot a few days early to park for important job meeting in the area. I travelled from up North and received a text message from the owner of the space an hour before my parking was due from the owner of the parking space stating the parking spot was not available. I tried to call him to ask for any other car parks in the area, he did not take my call or reply to the text. I ended up walking over 30 minutes to get to where I needed to be and was over an hour late. Will use someone more reliable in future.

  • Parking on Povey Cross Road, RH6

    Excellent parking space. This will be me regular place when I go to the airport.

  • Parking on Povey Cross Road, RH6

    Easy and convienient parking at a good price