Gatwick Airport Parking

Latest Gatwick Airport parking reviews
  • Parking on Tinsley Lane, RH10

    Absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much

  • Parking on Grays Wood, RH6

    Overall fantastic thank you.

  • Parking on Povey Cross Road, RH6

    Easy to find and very good parking space. Would recommend this site.

  • Parking on Spinney Cottage, RH6

    Easy to park plenty of space. It is complicated to find for the first time. 10 mins away from airport and taxi charges around £10.00 Thanks, Marcos

  • Parking on Niblock Logistic Solutions Ltd, RH6

    Very easy to find and super safe , i will book difinetly again ..

  • Parking on The Crescent, RH6

    Very convenient location as only 15 min walk to South Terminal, will use again.

  • Parking on St. Hilarys Close, RH6

    Convenient space. 12min walk to South Terminal (dragging a small luggage), 30 min walk to North Terminal or 18min if using the free shuttle train. The pedestrian path is close to 114 The Crescent. Altough it must be used by Gatwick staff, I wouldn't feel safe at night time (long and narrow) St Hilary Close is at the bottom of Fairfield Avenue (63)

  • Parking on The Crescent, RH6

    Perfect experience! The house was easy to find (I used a sat nav) and the driveway is spacious so parking was easy. As soon as I'd parked, the friendly owner popped out to make sure I knew how to get to Gatwick. It's just a 10 min walk to the South Terminal building (further to the North Terminal) and is pretty easy to find, especially if you're following Google Maps. You enter the terminal building via a nondescript entrance behind Costa, so take note of it so you can find it upon your return. All in all it was a perfect experience so I highly recommend parking here.

  • Parking on Iain Stewart Centre Car Park, RH6

    Clear instructions. Good communication. Good parking spot! Happy overall.